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Wellmont Health System Successfully Migrates “Plain Paper Prescription Printing” Software from McKesson to Epic EMR Environment

  • Date: Jan 23, 2014
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Wellmont Health System Successfully Migrates “Plain Paper Prescription Printing” Software from McKesson to Epic EMR Environment

Wellmont Health System is in the midst of migrating from its existing McKesson EMR to a new Epic EMR system. The migration process is a complex and lengthy process as the two EMR systems operate differently. One of the key applications affected by the switch is the OM Plus based “Plain Paper Prescription (Rx)” software application.

This prescription software allows health care organizations to avoid paying for expensive pre-printed prescription forms as the OM Plus based solution utilizes plain paper. The OM Plus based system includes tamper resistant technology that prevents prescription fraud. However, the OM Plus based solution at Wellmont was originally implemented in the McKesson environment and was configured to accept McKesson specific data flows. Switching EMR’s from McKesson to Epic required the OM Plus prescription solution to ingest data output from the Epic system.

Due to Plus Technologies’ extensive experience with the Epic EMR system, making the switch was straight forward and quick. This allowed Wellmont to continue to use the OM Plus based prescription software without interruption.

Wellmont Health System chose the OM Plus based Tamper Resistant Rx printing solution as a cost effective way to meet the strict requirements of the CMS Tamper-Resistant Prescription Guidelines. The OM Plus based solution utilizes plain paper instead of pre-printed Rx media stored in specialized printer locking trays. The solution injects CMS compliant fraud prevention features into the Rx print job (Pantographs, MicroFonts, anti-erasure, anti-lift off, reading instruction box etc.). This enabled Wellmont to use standard printers and plain paper, instead of specialized printers with pre-printed Rx media in locking trays.  Some of the benefits of the OM Plus based Rx printing solution include:

  • Thousands of dollars saved annually with plain paper versus pre-printed Rx media which helped provide a quick ROI.
  • Reduced labor and training expenses associated with ‘securely’ procuring, storing, tracking and handling of expensive pre-printed Rx media.
  • Lower printer acquisition cost associated with printers capable of handling locking trays and the locking trays themselves.
  • Reduced secure storage space and vault expenses associated with storing pre-printed Rx media.
  • Increased security of the Rx form by securely storing it in the OM Plus server software instead of workstations or printers.

Will Showalter, Senior Vice President of Information Technology for Wellmont, characterized the migration as follows: “We are very pleased with the performance of the Plus Technologies team and the prescription printing software. The migration from McKesson to Epic is an all hands on deck type of effort that goes on for many months. When it came time to address the Rx printing, our Plus Technologies team quickly guided us through our migration and implementation options. We chose what worked best for our environment and scheduled the migration. They showed up on site and had the solution working in less than a day.”

The solution now works seamlessly with the Epic software and infrastructure.

  1. The prescriptions are generated in the Epic Healthcare application through the normal Epic Rx print experience.
  2. They are routed through the normal Epic Cache and EPS server workflow, then picked up by our OM Plus Delivery Manager software on the back end of an Epic EPS Windows print queue.
  3. Our solution then integrates a tamper resistant software program with the appropriate printer commands for high resolution, and then manages, monitors and delivers the job to the printer.
  4. The CMS compliant prescription is rendered on a standard network printer, utilizing plain paper.
  5. As an extra benefit, on some printers, the calibration of the print resolution is easily performed by IT staff or end users through an embedded printer application and its menu in the front panel.

By going with this solution, the customer has a high fidelity prescription printing process that is more reliable, easily managed and more cost effective. The solution can also easily handle future needs which might include managing and monitoring the delivery of non-prescription print jobs from many different application servers out to the enterprise printer fleet.

Plus Technologies and Lexmark have been partners since 2002 and have since provided numerous print solutions to a variety of industries. For more information please contact Plus Technologies at [email protected].

Wellmont Health System

Wellmont Health System is a not-for-profit healthcare provider, located in the Tri-Cities region of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Wellmont was started in 1996 with the merger of Holston Valley Medical Center in Kingsport, Tenn., and Bristol Regional Medical Center in Bristol, Tenn., and has grown to include seven hospitals and numerous other facilities. It is an integrated health system with a mission to deliver superior health care with compassion and a vision to deliver the best health care anywhere.

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