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OM Plus Atex Printing Solution

When ATEX began migrating their world class Series Advertising and Circulation software to Microsoft platforms from VMS and MPE (HP3000) they needed a print spooling solution. After studying the alternatives Atex has selected OM Plus to their customers.

Windows lacks spooler management that Atex users had become accustomed to. The Atex application includes a mix of batch and real-time print output. Archival, automated report distribution, confirmed delivery, failover and notification, reliability and scalability, system integration, and flexible administration are key missing components.

These features are not available in the native Windows spooling system. However all these features and more are available as part of the OM Plus product. OM Plus’ integration into the Atex system is simple as OM Plus captures Atex print jobs via an integrated port monitor. Once the jobs are captured within OM Plus all the OM Plus features and superior reliability is available to the user.

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