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Check Printing

Plus Technologies has many customers using OM Plus to print checks. In addition third party application software companies that create checks use OM Plus as a feature in their products.. Due to the confidential and controlled manner checks are printed OM Plus is a natural complement. Common check printing requirements include:

  • Remote monitoring and control of printing since checks are often printed in locked and relatively inaccessible room.
  • Ability to re-print checks outside of the core enterprise application
  • Ability to restart a check run at the point of failure, so duplicate checks are not printed
  • Verification that the checks are actually physically printed
  • Improved check release function
  • Automated detection of printer failure
  • Improved print subsystem reliability
  • Increased check printing security
  • Management of paper trays

With the implementation of OM Plus users can gain benefits such as:

  • Can resolve missing or duplicate checks
  • Can preview the print jobs prior to releasing them to the printers
  • Can confirm the actual number of checks reaching the output tray of the printer
  • Operators can now easily manage the system from their desks
  • Has saved a lot of time because they do not have to “baby sit” the printing process any more
  • Has a very quick, easy method to reprint a check or ranges of checks.
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