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Electronic Report DistributionSoftware

Plus Technologies’ Electronic Report Distribution Software

Organizations can avoid printing and copying by implementing Plus Technologies’ electronic report distribution software. Plus Technologies offers a report and scanning solution based on the OM Plus product suite. By utilizing the OM Plus Report Manager (RM), businesses can avoid costs associated with duplication, mailing, equipment, file cabinets, and labor. OM Plus RM provides instant access to reports through a web browser.

Our electronic report distribution solution ensures that only the appropriate pages are presented to users based on a comprehensive security model. Detailed searching is available, as well as the ability to add annotations to specific reports. The electronic report distribution repository will allow you to store all types of report output including invoices, text reports, PDF, Word, Excel, email, and more. Our solution is great for supporting customers that often deal with jobs requiring documents such as invoices, HR files, repair orders, financial reports, etc..

In addition to the traditional software acquisition model, RM is offered as SaaS where customers do not need to acquire or support the hardware on their premises. Plus Technologies will host the solution and users access their documents via the internet.

For more information on our electronic report distribution software, please view our OM Plus Report Manager product page or Contact Plus Technologies.

Plus Technologies will help design an OM Plus RM solution to suit the customer’s needs.

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