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OM Plus - Managed Print Services Software

Plus Technologies, OM Plus managed print services software suite is geared toward adding value to managed print services providers offering. Our OM Plus software suite equips MPS providers with a competitive advantage in the market and increases ‘value-add’ to their customers. By offering additional features that the competition lacks, MPS providers who use our software stand out as the optimal choice while also increasing revenues.

The OM Plus managed print services software suite from Plus Technologies is different from other fleet management tools in the market. Not only does OM Plus provide the most flexible (host it anywhere – even on customer site), most extensible fleet management solution in the market, it will manage your customers “printing function” as well. The OM Plus managed print services software suite can be parameterized, combined with other software modules, or extended through services to create solutions to a wide range of enterprise print solutions.

Plus Technologies, managed print services software suite includes a comprehensive printer fleet management software system. OM Plus fleet management serves as a tool that helps users and Service Providers manage printers and multi-function/copy devices. These devices store information about their activity, which can include data such as page counts, color vs. mono prints, copies, scans, faxes, errors, device health, toner levels, and much more. OM Plus collects this data, analyzes it, and presents it to users to automate consumables ordering/ replenishment, technical support, and maintenance functions.

In addition to managing the print fleet, OM Plus software suite also enhances the printing experience. The managed print services software suite provides advanced, intelligent print spooling software designed to seamlessly complement enterprise software applications. OM Plus will seamlessly ingest print jobs from multiple application servers and provide superior delivery functionality. OM Plus software allows for end-to-end control by providing confirmation/notification (to the tray), fail-over, load balancing, labels, etc.

Plus Technologies has been specializing in developing software and solutions for the enterprise print market since 1994. Our software has tens of thousands of implementations in over 30 countries worldwide. Plus Technologies has successfully sold into the Fortune 500 and many of our customers are leaders in their markets.

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