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OM Plus Tamper Resistant Print (TRP)Prescription Fraud Prevention

OM Plus TRP for Prescription Fraud Prevention

OM Plus TRP for Prescription Fraud Prevention – CMS Regulations

There is an estimated $5B in annual Rx fraud in the US. To combat this the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) has created a set of regulations. These regulations require secure prescriptions which are unable to be copied, altered and counterfeit. Some of the features of the regulation include:

Category 1: Copy Resistance


  • “Void,” “illegal,” or “copy” pantograph with or without Reverse Rx
  • Microprinting


  • The word “void,” “illegal,” or “copy” appears when the prescription is photocopied
  • Very small font that is legible when viewed at 5x magnification or greater and illegible when copied

Category 2: Erasure/Modification Resistance


  • Toner-lock paper for laser printer prescriptions or on plain bond paper for inkjet printed prescriptions
  • Watermark


  • Toner-lock paper is special printer paper that establishes a special bond between laser-printed text and paper, making erasure obvious. Note that this is not necessary for inkjet printers since the ink is absorbed into normal bond paper.
  • A unique watermark of user defined variable data, printed diagonally across the back of each prescription. With fields such as the patient name, drug being prescribed, and quantities. This intelligent anti-tampering technology helps to verify that each prescription has not been altered.

Category 3: Counterfeit Resistance


  • Security features and descriptions listed on the prescription


  • A complete list of the security features on the prescription paper which aids pharmacists in identification of features and determination of compliance.

Many healthcare facilities are focused on moving toward e-prescribing and need a compliant technological solution such as OM Plus Tamper Resistant Print (TRP) for Rx which provides capabilities in all three of the categories above. OM Plus TRP will reduce burden on staff and lower printing cost. There are numerous customers currently using OM Plus for this purpose.

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