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Print Management Software for the Enterprise

Manage Print Jobs better with OM Plus-Advanced Print Spooling and Print Job Management for the Enterprise

Do You Need a Better Print Job Management Tool to Manage Print Jobs Around your Enterprise?

Native tools in UNIX, Linux, and Windows provide only basic print management software capabilities that can negatively impact your print processes. OM Plus replaces the native tools with a robust, heavy duty print management software and advanced print spooling system. Having more control of your enterprise print jobs will improve print job delivery, increase help desk efficiency and improve the fidelity of your document centric business processes.

Business processes like shipping, invoicing, patient record keeping, and much more, rely on documents printing on time, every time. OM Plus, the advanced print job management system from Plus Technologies is just the solution you have been looking for!

Overcome Application and Operating System Shortcomings with our Advanced Output Printer Management software. Request a OM Plus Spec Sheet
or OM Plus Screen Shots.

You Need OM Plus Because It Provides:

  • Increased Help Desk Productivity through Simplified, Centralized Control
  • Confirmed Print Job Delivery
  • Intelligent Print Job Routing
  • Printer Load Balancing and Failover
  • Increased Security and Auditability for Compliance
  • A More Robust Solution than O/S Print Spoolers

All This Without Changes to Your Application Being Required

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Why You Need OM Plus

OM Plus Optional Modules for Intelligent Delivery, Report Bundling, Bursting and more

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Automating document management and business processes