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Printing Software for Retail Solutions

In retail environments, OM Plus print spooling software streamlines print operations. Regularly warehouses and fulfillment centers implement OM Plus print software. This is implemented because OM Plus increases productivity, reduces missed deadlines, helps avoid duplicate or missing labels, eliminates manual effort related to the paperwork required to ship goods, or other custom needs in the distribution center.

A common OM Plus print software solution in the WMS or distribution center environment is based on automated failover and load-balancing features. OM Plus print software is able to bi-directionally communicate with most printers including Zebra label printers. In addition, this enables OM Plus to determine if the required documents printed successfully or not. Moreover, in the case of a print error OM Plus print software will automatically resume printing the failed print job at a designated backup device and notified the appropriate people. This helps keeps the line moving.

Another common OM Plus solution is load-balancing. Specifically, retail printing incurs seasonal peak volumes. Load-balancing (printer pooling) software can increase capacity by seamlessly and intelligently dividing print across multiple printers.

Creating ‘kits’ or packages is another print solution often used in retail environments. This situation applies when multiple documents are needed for an individual order. Without delay these documents need to be printed in the proper sequence to the proper device. All in all, OM Plus print software helps accommodate this need as well.

Plus Technologies’ solutions commonly used in this market are below. For a complete list of solutions go to the print solutions page.

Furthermore, if you have questions about Plus Technologies printing software or need more information, please contact us. Additionally, for a list of Plus Technologies customers in this market please follow this link – customer list.

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