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Custom Print Release Solution for Transportation

Custom Print Release Solutions for Transportation

This document workflow management case study outlines the powerful features found in the print management software solution known as OM Plus Delivery Manager. Customers looking for a solution to remedy the excessive waste in their work order package process and eliminate timely delays will find OM Plus to be a powerful , feature rich solution for overcoming document output challenges.

Improve document workflow efficiency

OM Plus Delivery Manager is able to recognize, parse, cleanse, apply page numbers, duplex, staple, assemble, hold for release, and delete obsolete versions of work order packages. Customers are able to select their current job through an on-demand interface on their printer’s touch-screen. When the customer is ready, they simply select the appropriate work order package and it prints immediately.

This custom solution allowed for a significant reduction in paper and toner consumption and dramatically improves the workflow efficiency. This solution pays  for itself quickly.

This type of solution can be customized to meet the needs for anyone experiencing document workflow issues. Whether it’s printing work orders, labels, pick tickets, invoices, assembly instructions, manifests, bills of lading, material safety data sheets and compliance documents, OM Plus can streamline the document workflow process to meet production deadlines, collection cycles, ensure the delivery of mission critical documents and save on cost.

Key Features

  • Automated document versioning control
  • Customized pull print
  • Centralized print management
  • Document bundling and packet creation
  • Data manipulation and formatting process invocation


  • Cost savings without additional programming or training
  • The process is quicker and easier for document recipients
  • Fewer delays and missed deadlines due to the new on-demand process
  • A customizable solution that provides flexibility for future updates and modifications
  • Less paper or toner waste
  • Fewer production errors & non-compliance issues
  • Improved efficiency in the work order process
  • More responsive support from Plus Technologies

For more information on these solutions please contact Plus Technologies.

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