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SmartphonePrinting App

Smartphone Printing App for Robust Printing

Business Scenarios – Corporate environments may have needs for providing for an easy way for mobile workers to print, smartphone based printing, securing print at the device, and reducing unnecessary printing.

Plus Technologies Solution – For these requirements, Plus Technologies recommends users implement our smartphone printing apps. These smartphone apps use Plus Technologies leading OM Plus Print Application for seamless, easy to use, secure, robust printing. These apps are targeted to the corporate or enterprise market.

With the Plus Technologies smartphone apps, users print the way they normally do from their workstations. The print jobs are held within the OM Plus Print Server. When the user is ready to print they will open the OM Plus Print App on their smartphone device. This device will authenticate them without requiring user keystrokes and present the user a list of their print jobs. The user will use the smartphone camera to take a photo of a barcode fixed to the printing device. This information lets OM Plus know the location and identity of the device. OM Plus then presents the user with a list of their print jobs that are being held. From the list presented, the user selects the print jobs to be released to the printer. OM Plus then sends the print job to the device.

This process minimizes user keystrokes and input. This app is extremely easy to use and requires almost no user input or clicks. The app is very robust and secure. It allows users to retrieve print jobs from any printer on the corporate network supporting mobile printing. The use of this app has been found to reduce toner and paper consumption as well.

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