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Unplanned Network DowntimeSolution

OM Plus - Unplanned Network Downtime Solution

Organizations with a centralized application environment and a decentralized physical environment may be susceptible to network interruptions. These network interruptions can interfere with key business processes. For example, in healthcare unplanned downtime may impact printing of patient care orders, medication information, dietary needs etc. for the patient care providers.

Plus Technologies has a solution for unplanned downtime based on the OM Plus product suite. The host system prints documents through the OM Plus system to remotely located OM Plus “agents”, which are scaled own configurations of the product. The OM Plus agents deliver the print jobs to the local printers as well as store the jobs locally for a user defined period of time, after which the jobs are automatically purged. Should a network problem interrupt the transmission of print jobs from central the local OM Plus agents have all the jobs kept locally. In this way local personnel can retrieve and print jobs without having to go back to central. No changes are required to the host application.

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