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Knowledge Base Definitions

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There are currently 9 names in this directory beginning with the letter P.
Print Confirmation
Bi-directional communication between the printer allows detailed information on the print job and the status of the printer. In the event of a print failure, end-to- end print confirmation allows the user to locate the source of the problem quickly as well as showing what page the print error occurred on. This allows the user to avoid double printing and faster correction time.
Print Management Software
Software that controls enterprise print jobs with focus on improving job delivery and increase help-desk efficiency.
Print Release Software
Holds documents/jobs in the print system until the user releases the document from the printer. Also known as: Pull-Printing/Follow- me Style Printing/Find-me Style Printing
Print Server
Device that connects printers to client computers over a network. Sends print jobs from the computers to the appropriate printers.
Print Spooler
Software that manages sending print jobs to the printer.
Print Spooling
Sequencing print jobs by temporarily storing data and processing the jobs in order.
Printer MIB
MIB is an acronym for Management Information Base. MIB is a collection of database objects that can be monitored by a network management system. SNMP and RMON allow any SNMP and RMON tools to monitor devices defined by a MIB.
Proactive Alert Notifications
Sending alerts via multiple interaction channels. Alerts and notifications regarding printer/device status and job completion
Propagate/Advertise queues
A feature in OM Plus that allows print devices or destinations to replicated across multiple servers.
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