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Enterprise Output Management software

Enterprise Output Management (EOM) is defined as commercial software that drives the output and print process of documents created by enterprise systems like healthcare EMR, ERP, SAP, accounting systems, and other similar systems. Enterprise Output Management software adds value to organizations by organizing, enhancing, dynamically routing, securing, and delivering key business documents to where they need to go to improve key business processes.  Enterprise Output Management solutions also improve the reliability and scalability of native operating systems saving maintenance, help desk, and support costs.

Plus Technologies has been providing output management software solutions to customers for many years and has several of the largest organizations in their fields as users. Our EOM product is called OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) which provides a wide range of capabilities including: confirmation of print to the tray, error notification, numerous pull-print solutions, print statistics, printer queue management, secure print delivery, EMR/Epic print automation, SAP print, automated fail-over, load balancing, tamper resistant print, Rx printing, and much more.

Use Case Examples:

Automating document management and business processes