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Logistics Management System

Plus Technologies designs print software solutions to streamline and improve productivity in logistics and warehouse management environments. In order to better maximize efficiencies, organizations must be able to reliably print pick tickets, invoices, labels, bills of lading and other documents. In many cases, documents must be combined or re-ordered for inclusion in a shipment. Documents should not be duplicated or missed.

Logistics systems need to be reliable to fulfill the promise of fast, accurate shipping of products to anywhere in the world.

Logistics systems are often driven by automated and integrated order processing and inventory control systems. Orders are processed upon receipt, and they ship product within 24 hours.

OM Plus Delivery Manager print routing software seamlessly ingests documents from ERP’s and inventory control systems, is able to combine and re-sequence individual documents as needed into ‘packets’ based on customer order, and load balance them to maximize capacity. OM Plus spooling software provides automated fail-over and notification capabilities to keep the line moving so that fewer deadlines are missed. OM Plus print software will also manage the label printing needs.

Use Case examples:

Automating document management and business processes