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Simplify, Streamline & Enhance Your Print Environment

How can OM Plus help you?

Print environments often involve multiple data streams and workflows, hopping across multiple servers and operating systems, data transformations and jobs going across complex networks to printers at multiple locations. Needless to say, this type of environment provides many challenges when users try to manage it with the disparate native utilities that most applications rely on.

With OM Plus you can:

  • Ingest print jobs from many applications, print servers, folders, & others.
  • Apply advanced rules based delivery options and manage, monitor and deliver jobs across complex networks to many destinations.
  • Provide a centralized point of administration across heterogeneous environments through one common toolset.
  • Include Professional Services to assist with discovery, design, programming, installation configuration, training, and support.

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Before OM Plus, printing was a nightmare.

—Wells Fargo Mortgage

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