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March 7, 2017

Pharos Systems Agrees to Resell OM Plus

Pharos Systems, Plus Technologies, Reseller, OM Plus, Resell, Partner, PartnershipPharos Systems Agrees to Resell OM Plus

Pharos Systems of Rochester NY has agreed to enter into a partnership with Plus Technologies. In this agreement Plus Technologies and Pharos will work together to integrate products. Specifically, this integration is between Plus Technologies’ OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) print routing software into Pharos’ Blueprint Enterprise print sw suite. With this integration, ingestion of OM Plus print jobs is possible by Pharos. This will give Pharos seamless access to print output from backend systems such as SAP, Epic, Cerner, Oracle, and more.

Pharos currently offers numerous software products such as Blueprint and Uniprint. Additionally, Pharos offers detailed print costing information and consulting services to their customers. Furthermore, with the addition of OM Plus managed print jobs from backend systems Pharos will be able to provide ‘print release’ functionality for those jobs and provide detailed accounting data on those jobs as well.

In this partnership, Pharos will be able to resell OM Plus Delivery Manager as well as provide first call technical support.

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