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February 27, 2017

Plus Technologies and PrinterLogic Partnership

Plus Technologies, Partner, PrinterLogicPlus Technologies and PrinterLogic Partnership

Plus Technologies and PrinterLogic have agreed to enter into a multi-layered partnership. A big factor driving this agreement was the evolving need from our mutual customers for a holistic print software solution that includes both job routing/delivery as well as printer and driver management capabilities.

PrinterLogic is a recognized leader in eliminating Windows print servers and driver management space. Plus Technologies has been very successful in the Enterprise Output Management environment. Combining these two capabilities places this partnership at the forefront of the print software market. This partnership allows PrinterLogic to resell OM Plus and add advanced print spooling software to their portfolio.Plus Technologies, Partner, PrinterLogic

Additionally, PrinterLogic will integrate Plus Technologies client based technology into their distribution to  further reduce the need for Windows print servers. PrinterLogic will also integrate the OM Plus Web Client into their user interface allowing users to see the status of print jobs without leaving the PrinterLogic system.

December 29, 2016

Print Software Manages 70,000 Printers

Healthcare, OM Plus, Plus Technologies, Print Software, Enterprise Software

 Print Software Manages 70,000 Printers in Single Installation

One of the largest healthcare providers in the U.S. and a longtime customer of Plus Technologies has recently exceeded 70,000 print devices. These devices are all under the control of OM Plus Delivery Manager print software. The organization based in California, has over 167,000 employees, 14,600 doctors and 431 locations.

The healthcare provider uses EMR solutions from both Epic and Cerner. Printing from these systems involves multiple data streams/workflows hopping across dozens of servers and multiple operating systems. Additionally with data transformations, and routing print job routing across complex networks to printers across the U.S. Before OM Plus, print spooling software print queues were redundantly defined across multiple servers in the enterprise. Without OM Plus, addressing, identifying and resolving issues could take days. This affected system availability which in turn affected user productivity, satisfaction, and ultimately, patient care.

This organization takes advantage of many of the advanced features found in OM Plus.

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