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June 25, 2018

OM Plus Selected by Large Freight Company

OM Plus Output Management Software Selected by Large Freight Shipping Company, Plus Technologies

OM Plus Output Management Software Selected by Large Freight Shipping Company

A freight shipping company with over 10,000 employees has selected Plus Technologies’ OM Plus print software to complement their homegrown ERP system. Plus Technologies will partner with this shipping company as they complete development on their home grown back-end system. Then we will integrate OM Plus into the system to deliver system output such as print jobs to print devices throughout the shippers network including numerous remote sites throughout the United States. The system output will be sent to OM Plus through the OM Plus API then OM Plus will route the jobs to the appropriate endpoint. OM Plus supports bi-directional communications with printers in the network. Bi-directional communication determines if the print jobs printed correctly and the paper is in the printers output tray (also known as print confirmation). In the event printing does not occur properly OM Plus will then fail the print job over to a backup device and notify the end users system of the change. In addition, OM Plus will also provide document format transforms as well as reprint, re-start, diagnostics, logging, and troubleshooting capabilities. With OM Plus their system fidelity is expected to improve and administration costs are expected to decrease.

This company is developing their own back-end system to run the company’s business. They also felt ‘outsourcing’ print delivery software portion of the app to experts in the industry made sense.

Benefits of Using this software:

  1. Decrease programming effort, and time to Go Live
  2. Decrease support for print and their app
  3. Eliminate internal ongoing development and maintenance for print
  4. Delegate support flexibly from any location for any printer/site
  5. Increase flexibility to handle different printers and Destination types
  6. Increase print reliability even with current networking and printers
  7. Enable easy scaling for more apps, more printers, more locations, more users
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