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March 4, 2021

Plus Technologies Customers Adding Licensing

Plus Technologies Customers Adding Licensing, OMPlus OM WhitePlus Technologies Customers Adding Licensing

Despite the recent economic impact of the coronavirus, Plus Technologies customers continue to grow and add OM Plus Output Management Software licensing.

Recent examples include:

A Healthcare customer that added licensing to its existing OM Plus prescription printing software solution. This customer uses OM Plus Rx printing software for printing Rx on plain paper printers thereby saving costs associated with pre-printed forms and gaining efficiencies by streamlining Rx printing operation.

November 13, 2020

Enterprise Output Management

Enterprise Output Management, Plus Technologies, OM Plus, 1Web OMPlusEnterprise Output Management

Plus Technologies has been in the Enterprise Output Management (EOM) space since 1995.

Gartner Group defines the EOM space as an information technology practice that deals with the organization, formatting, management and distribution of data that is created by enterprise applications like banking information systems, insurance information systems, ERP (enterprise resource planning systems), CRM (customer relationship management), EMR (enterprise medical records), retail systems and many others. Gartner also defined EOM as middleware that drives the output process and supports the automated creation and delivery of “business process” and ad hoc documents. Middleware is software that is bridging between different software applications in terms of data formats, languages, communication protocols, etc.

Plus Technologies lead EOM product is OM Plus which has been implemented thousands of times by customers in North America and Europe.

OM Plus streamlines the document routing process + provides monitoring and error recovery tools to administrators and saves enterprises operating expenses associated with technical print support.

Plus Technologies offers free trials and evaluations of all our products.

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies.


[email protected]

December 2, 2019

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Thanksgiving, Thanks, Giving Thanks, Plus Technologies

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was this past week and as the Nation takes the day off we acknowledge what we are thankful for. As a company Plus Technologies is thankful for all our hard working employees. In addition, Plus Technologies is very thankful for our customers and partners. A special thank you goes out to our service members who could not make it home for the holiday.

In 1789 George Washington proclaimed Thanksgiving a public holiday in the United States. For the next 74 years, Thanksgiving was celebrated by individual colonies and states. In 1863 Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving into a federal holiday. During the Civil War Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of “Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens.”
Since 1863 Thanksgiving has been celebrated on the last Thursday in November. In 1621, the “First Thanksgiving” took place when the Plymouth Colonists and the Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest.

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies

November 8, 2019

Limited Time Price Discount on OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM)

Limited Time Price Discount on OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM), Plus Technologies, Fleet Manager, FM, Output Management,1Web OMPlusLimited Time Price Discount on OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM)

Plus Technologies is announcing a new pricing program for its OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM) product. When a Managed Services Provider signs up for a 2 year term or longer for the hosted version of OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM), 12 months of usage fees will be waived.

OM Plus FM collects page counts, toner levels and alerts for SNMP network connected printers and managed function devices. Device alerts let the MPS Provider dispatch service in a timely and accurate manner. Scheduled reports show page counts (color and mono) by device usage so that page level billing can be supported. In this situation the device data collector resides at the MSP or customer network to collect the printer data while the database and server resides at Plus technologies hosting center.

September 24, 2019

Healthcare Company Implements OM Plus

Healthcare Company Implements OM Plus, Plus Technologies, Output Management, OM Plus

Healthcare Company Implements OM Plus

A healthcare organization has implemented an OM Plus Solution. This solution is in the initial phase of implementation. This customer will have 3 phases and Plus Technologies is currently working on phase 1.

This hospital in Colorado is using remote hosted Cerner and Xerox printers. They are using Plus Technologies’ partner PrinterLogic to create and propagate print queues/drivers to desktops and replicate into OM Plus.
PrinterLogic will handle direct IP printing where necessary.

OM Plus will manage those and integrate with existing Imprivata for pull print authentication, for workflows conducive to pull-printing. For workflows not conducive to normal user based pull print but still want security of a pull print process for given queues, they will utilize Secure Queue Release (SQR). Secure Queue Release (SQR) is a special type of print release developed by Plus Technologies to allow jobs to be directed to a specific destination such as an emergency room and released by multiple qualified people. For pre-mapped clinical print work flows requiring immediate printing, OM Plus will collect jobs from Cerner back end and manage, monitor, deliver jobs.
OM Plus Stats Manager (SM) will collect and analyze print usage that OM Plus manages and PrinterLogic will provide usage analysis of what they manage.

November 16, 2018

New Version of OM Plus Delivery Manager

New Version of OM Plus Delivery Manager for Windows  - Ready for Release, Plus Technologies, Output Management, DM, OM Plus

New Version of OM Plus Delivery Manager for Windows  – Ready for Release

A new version of OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) print software for Windows has completed QA and is now being shipped. The new release version number is and current customers are able to upgrade to this latest version for free. Version includes new features and fixes such as:


  • Ability to log more end user actions.  This new capability can be set up in the set log details screen.
  • License changes for the PrinterLogic and Imprivata integrations.
  • IPP Service status has been added to the dccinfo command
  • New capability re PJL command LPROTATEPORT
  • New IPP Send capabilities that complement the existing IPP Receive capability.
  • Update to the OM PLus TRP program for Rx environments.
  • Updated OM Plus DM Web Client and Thick Client GUI

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies

December 14, 2017

Plus Technologies Supports Local Charity

Plus Technologies Supports Local Charity, OM Plus, Output Management, Christmas, Donation, Donates, Donate, Gift, Gifts, charitiesPlus Technologies Supports Local Charity

Throughout the year associates at Plus Technologies may choose to dress casual Monday through Thursday. By paying $1.00 per day towards our casual fund, one can dress in casual clothes. Towards the end of the calendar year we use our casual fund to help support a local charity in our community. This year our casual fund is being used for the charity Franklin Area Community Services. This charity services Carlisle, Franklin and Springboro. During the year this charity helps more than 2000 families and this Christmas they are providing gifts to more than 200 children.

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies

September 26, 2017

Plus Technologies Outside of Work

Plus Technologies, Outside of Work, Enterprise Software, OM Plus, EmployeesPlus Technologies Outside of Work

Plus Technologies‘ employee Corey Visser is responsible for marketing and account management. Corey has been with Plus Technologies since 2014. Corey was born in Ontario, Canada and moved to Ohio at the age of 4.

Outside of work Corey enjoys spending time with his two dogs and friends, playing and watching basketball, playing video games, and working on cars. Corey served 6 years in the U.S. Army as Military Police. Also recently, he has completed the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Academy and has found a new love of riding motorcycles. Additionally, Corey enjoys the outdoors and is Advanced Open Water Dive certified. Furthermore, Corey’s education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Bowling Green State University.

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies

August 9, 2017

Medical Sciences University Purchases OM Plus

Medical Sciences University Purchases OM Plus, Plus Technologies, OM Plus, Tamper Resistant Print, TRP, Tamper Resistant Printing

Medical Sciences University Purchases OM Plus

A University based healthcare organization located in Arkansas with more than 10,000 employees has purchased OM Plus print output software. The product this University has purchased is OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) output management software solution. Furthermore, this 500 destination solution includes the feature Tamper Resistant Print (TRP) for electronic Rx solution. Epic EMR is used by this customer so the OM Plus Epic stack has been installed.

OM Plus is installed on the Epic app servers and routes jobs from the Cache and EPS servers over the network to the customer’s printers. Additionally, this optimizes scalability and performance, reduces errors, and reduces Windows print servers. In addition, this solution provides the customer a robust tool-set for diagnosing and managing system errors, allowing help-desk productivity gains can be achieved. OM Plus also provides plain paper prescription printing to eliminate the need for pre-printed forms, reduce cost, and increase security. In this environment OM Plus print software controls a multi printer fleet including devices from Lexmark, HP, and Dell.

Over 100,000 printers and multi-function devices are under control of OM Plus in the US healthcare industry at this point.

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies.

July 14, 2017

Plus Technologies’ Partner Completes Training

Plus Technologies, Partner, OM Plus, Output Management, Plus Technologies' Partner JomaSoft Completes TrainingPlus Technologies’ Partner JomaSoft Completes Training

Plus Technologies‘ Partner JomaSoft has recently completed training and has passed a certification test for OM Plus UNIX. Founded in the year 2000, JomaSoft GmbH provides software products and IT services cross industry. Moreover, JomaSoft’s primary focus is on IT infrastructures using Solaris and Linux.
JomaSoft underwent three training sessions of two hours each. Furthermore, these sessions are for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced OM Plus. Additionally, JomaSoft has displayed functional knowledge in these following areas:

Automating document management and business processes