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Improve printing efficiencies and become more cost-effective in your printing environment.


My-Print-Delivery is a secure print release software solution.

My-Print-Delivery® is a secure print manager software also known as, print release, pull-print, follow-me, or find-me printing.

My-Print-Delivery® has many features and benefits to help you:

  • Authenticate users at any printer. Users can move from one location to another.
  • Provide secure print confidentiality. Authenticated users only see their jobs.
  • Minimize the burden on IT staff. The secure manager software utilizes existing technologies without disruptions or expensive upgrades. Multi-Vendor printers are supported.
  • Improve printer usage and saving through lower print volumes.
  • Reduce waste. Less toner and paper are consumed.
  • Integrate easily with solutions such as Imprivata OneSign®.
  • Improve workflows and administration with ERP, EMR, and other “back-end” systems.
  • Allow for multiple print release methods including card swipe through a card reader, embedded printer application, CAC or PIV, smart phone or tablet or dedicated workstation.
  • Scale to fit your print environment.
  • Save through flexible licensing models.

Secure print release software from Plus Technologies

My-Print-Delivery® allows users to hold documents in the printing system until they are ready to release the documents while physically at the printer or multi-function device itself.

Get started fast and inexpensively without upgrading your existing printer hardware.

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1000+ happy customers across the world.

Your support team is second to none. They were a big help.

—Largest Rail Transportation Company in the Eastern US

We were looking for an output management software solution that could fit seamlessly into our SAP R3 environment, save helpdesk costs, improve print reliability, load balance high volume print, bundle/group documents, and intelligently failover in the case of print failure. We tried OM Plus and it worked perfectly and did everything we expected. The business case was very conclusive.

—North American Retailer with over 1,000 Locations

Big thanks to the Plus Technologies Services team for helping us with this flawless upgrade. We could not have accomplished this critical task without your responsiveness and helpful attitude.

—Largest Manufacturer of Automotive Seats in the World

We love OM Plus. The product is really stable. We really appreciate the service we get.

—Epic User With Over 30,000 Printers

We love your OM Plus My-Print-Delivery” system. It is really cool and we are very excited about it”.

—Viewpoint School

OM Plus is so smooth, it never has any issues and I never have to look at it. When I needed some custom capabilities added, it was no problem at all. Your service guys were wonderful.

—Legacy Cabinets

OM Plus is a solid print management platform and can hold its own with much more expensive competitors, I would recommend it to anyone looking for print management improvements.

—Legal Zoom

We are very pleased with the performance of the Plus Technologies team and the prescription printing software. The migration from McKesson to Epic is an all hands on deck type of effort that goes on for many months. When it came time to address the Rx printing, our Plus Technologies team quickly guided us through our migration and implementation options. We chose what worked best for our environment and scheduled the migration. They showed up on site and had the solution working in less than a day.


Your sales team, support group, and development has always been there for us. I receive the best support in the world from you guys. You guys are fantastic to work with.


Our lines need to keep running. Print failures cause interruptions and missed objectives. We rely on OM Plus’ reliability and automated fail-over to ensure the line keeps moving. It has been great for us.


When we needed a print solution we turned to Plus Technologies. They were knowledgeable, customer focused, and easy to work with. They came up with a thoughtful design that provided us exactly what we needed. Also know we can depend on their support team to work with me anytime I need them. They are great to work with.


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