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OM PlusMy Print Delivery


OM Plus My-Print-DeliveryTM Software

OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD) pull-print software is Plus Technologies solution for pull printing. This pull-print solution is also known by other names. Names such as: print release, pull-print, Follow the User style print. The idea behind the concept is to improve printing efficiencies by holding user documents in the print system until the user releases the document while physically at the printer or multifunction device itself. There are many benefits for implementing OM Plus MPD such as: saving pages printed, reducing toner consumption and cost, and increasing document security.

Pull-print works by allowing the user to print documents through their usual print experience. Thus there is no change to the user. The document is routed to OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD) where the job is held in OM Plus. When the user is ready to print they go to the device of their choice, swipe their card, pass authentication, and then MPD routes the job to the printer. This process ensures no print jobs/documents are left unattended.

Key Features

  • Works with virtually all printer models and access cards/readers
  • Certified with Imprivata OneSign
  • CAC/PIV support
  • Integration with ERP, EMR, and other “back-end” systems
  • Intelligent routing to identify MPD jobs (vs. non MPD jobs)
  • Authentication via Active Directory or 3rd party solutions
  • Does not require latest printer models (not even a display)
  • Numerous release methods
  • Features such as redirection of jobs, reprint, and archive
  • Scalable and manageable
  • Centralized queue creation
  • Advanced trouble shooting tool-set
  • Print statistics
  • Priced by device (not user)


  • Confidentiality and Compliance: The risk of printed documents left in the output bin is minimized as the users will be directly at the device.
  • Mobility: Users can move from one location to another and still print without having the need to log onto a computer.
  • Cost: MPD can reduce print volumes by 15%-20% lower usage of expensive toner.
  • Green: Less paper and less toner are consumed.
  • Security: Users are authenticated and only see their jobs.
  • Savings through lower volume
  • Increased print mobility
  • Reduce waste “Green Solution”
  • Improved compliance
  • Not printer vendor specific
  • Overcome VDI mobility issue

Release Print Jobs

  • Embedded App inside printer/MFD
  • Card swipe or tap
  • Combination card swipe and embedded App
  • Smartphone/Tablet App
  • Printer/MFD: Users can select
  • Dedicated release workstations


  • Support for multi-vendor printer environment
  • Support for older printer models without the screens (no hw upgrade needed)
  • Numerous print release methods supported (card/phone/combinations, Kindle, etc)
  • Support for numerous print spooling features such as job bundling or bursting, fail-over, re-direct, archiving, etc
  • SAP certification
  • Capability of scale for large organizations (we have OM Plus installations with 10,000+ devices)
  • Support for multiple operating system environments such as Windows, UNIX, Linux
  • No client install required
  • Low cost of ownership

Please contact Plus Technologies for more information.

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