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OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) is advanced, intelligent output management printing software that seamlessly ingests jobs from multiple systems and delivers them to printers, multi-function devices, fax software, email systems, and more. Rarely, changes are needed to existing ERP/EMR systems. OM Plus print management software features include: print confirmation, re-printing, re-routing, automated fail-over, load balancing, bundling, re-sequencing, and much more. Read more
OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD) improves printing efficiencies and security by holding a user’s printed jobs on a secure print server until the user walks up to a convenient printer and authenticates/releases their jobs. Read more
OM Plus i-Sat is Plus Technologies’ internet based printing software solution. i-Sat consists of Plus Technologies developed print management software that enables organizations to use the internet to securely deliver print jobs from one location to another. This solution is perfect for organizations with distributed locations such as satellite offices, retail outlets, labs, or health care clinics. Read more
Plus Technologies OM Stats feature collects print statistics from the OM Plus DM spooler including which user is printing, what they are printing, where they are printing, when they are printing, number of documents, and the number of pages. Read more
OM Plus Fleet Manager (OM Plus FM) is a comprehensive printer fleet management software tool. FM helps organizations or Managed Print Services providers manage print and multi-function/copy fleets. Read more
Organizations can avoid printing and copying by implementing Plus Technologies’ electronic report distribution software. Read more
OM Plus TRP provides an alternative to expensive pre-printed forms by providing tamper resistant printing on plain paper. Read more

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Before OM Plus, printing was a nightmare.

—Wells Fargo Mortgage

Print Solutions

We use have used OM Plus to streamline our print operations for years. It has been very reliable.

—State of West Virginia

Without OM Plus we would not be able to print out our grading reports n a timely manner. The load balancing solution really solved our throughput problem.

—Long Beach Public Schools

Education – Government Solutions

We use OM Plus to help us route documents to printers in a mission critical environment. It has done the job and been very dependable.


Print Job Routing


Large Healthcare System Purchases OM Plus
2017 HIMSS Conference – Plus Technologies
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New User Guide for Plain Paper Rx Printing
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New Web Client Version 2.1 Now Available
New Version 2.6.7 Now Available
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Large Healthcare System Implements OM Plus
Manufacturer Purchases Additional OM Plus Licenses
Print Software Manages 70,000 Printers
Automotive Parts Supplier Adds OM Plus Licenses
Happy Holidays from Plus Technologies
German Bread Market Purchases OM Plus

February 14, 2017

Large Healthcare System Purchases OM Plus An integrated healthcare system has purchased OM Plus. This healthcare system, headquartered in South Dakota, provides community-based healthcare in more than 20 communities in two states. As one of the largest healthcare systems in South Dakota, this organization is comprised of five hospitals, 24 clinic locations. In addition, they employ nearly 5,000 physicians and caregivers. Included in this order is OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD) for Canon and HP devices and Stats Manager I (SM1). Additionally this order provides print spooler routing, Imprivata authentication, and streamlining IT support (to save cost). Furthermore, this solution will improve scalability…

February 6, 2017

2017 HIMSS Conference - Plus Technologies The 2017 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition takes place February 19th–23rd in Orlando, Florida. The HIMSS conference brings together 40,000+ health IT professionals, clinicians, executives, and vendors from around the world. Included in this conference are world-class speakers, exceptional education, cutting-edge health IT products, and powerful networking. Additionally, more than 300 education programs feature keynotes, thought leader sessions, roundtable discussions, and workshops. Healthcare is a very significant market to Plus Technologies. Therefore, team members from Plus Technologies will be present at this conference. Our presence in healthcare has grown significantly in recent years and…

January 31, 2017

January News Release Plus Technologies announced in its January News Release the company results for 2016. Plus Technologies had a very prosperous and successful year. Not only were sales significantly up over four times the industry average but profits increased significantly as well. Plus Technologies’ long-time partnership with Lexmark continues to grow. Lexmark has been a Plus Technologies reseller since 2004. In 2016, sales through Lexmark more than tripled. Lexmark has successfully sold OM Plus print software into the healthcare industry where Plus Technologies has partnered with Lexmark to deliver top quality EMR output systems, pull-print solutions including Imprivata authentication…

January 30, 2017

New User Guide for OM Plus Tamper Resistant Printing (TRP) (Plain Paper Rx Printing) for Lexmark Devices Plus Technologies has a new user guide available for Rx printing on Lexmark devices. All in all, this user guide is a technical reference for plain paper Rx printing on Lexmark devices. Moreover, OM Plus TRP is used for secure plain paper Rx printing. As has been noted, this user guide is now available, and if you are interested in seeing it please let us know. OM Plus Tamper Resistant Printing (TRP) Plus Technologies' OM Plus TRP provides an alternative to expensive pre-printed…

January 25, 2017

Plus Technologies and Lexmark Partnership Plus Technologies and Lexmark partnership has really blossomed in 2016. Lexmark has been reselling Plus Technologies print software since 2004. Every year this partnership has grown. In 2016 the print software revenue generated from this relationship grew over 300% compared to 2015. In addition, this previous year there were numerous new customer acquisitions for enterprise print software solutions. A big factor driving the revenue growth is the sale of output management software to the healthcare industry. Lexmark and Plus Technologies have has been very successful teaming up in the healthcare environment. This partnership provides solutions…

January 23, 2017

New Web Client Version 2.1 Now Available Plus Technologies has a new UI release. Version 2.1 of the OM Plus UI is available for customers with valid technical support contracts. This upcoming version of the OM Plus Web Client has been completely re-written. Users will notice immediate functional and usability improvements. This new UI has a completely redone home screen with many usable features. Version 2.1 of the Web Client will start shipping immediately. However, OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) version 2.6.7 (or later) is required. Furthermore, this web client is written in html and java. Therefore, this new UI requires…

January 16, 2017

New Version 2.6.7 Now Available Plus Technologies has a new OM Plus (DM) Delivery Manager release. Version 2.6.7 of OM Plus DM print software is available for customers with valid technical support contracts. Furthermore, there have been many changes in this version. Some of these changes include: Bug fixes, process changes, and system maintenance improvements Support for a new version of the DM web client. This new Web Client is currently being tested and will be available soon. Additionally, this upcoming version of the OM Plus Web Client has been completely re-written. Users will notice immediate functional and usability improvements.…

January 13, 2017

Plus Technologies' Printer Load Balancing Video Recently, Plus Technologies has made a video to explain how our OM Plus software and printer load balancing. This new video is available on Plus Technologies' website on our printer load balancing page. Moreover, this video and others are available on Plus Technologies' YouTube channel, Furthermore, this video describes load balancing, how our software works, and the benefits of using OM Plus. Printer load balancing (printing across multiple printers) can significantly improve overall document output. Printer pooling is another name for Printer load balancing. In busy printing environments several jobs are sent to the printer…

January 12, 2017

Plus Technologies Supports Local Charities Throughout the year associates at Plus Technologies may choose to dress casual Monday through Thursday. By paying $1.00 per day towards our casual fund, one can dress in casual clothes. Towards the end of the calendar year we use our casual fund to help support charities in our community. This past year our casual fund was used for Christmas stocking stuffers for 30 stockings. These stockings were for girls and boys ages 13-18. In addition, we purchased three items for each stocking. Some of the items purchased include things like toiletries and earbuds for each stocking.…

January 9, 2017

Large Healthcare System Implements OM Plus A healthcare system, located in Michigan, has implemented a multi-server 750 printer system. This healthcare company offers a full range of services from primary care to advanced critical care. They have approximately 7,800 employees and 404 beds. This organization utilizes Epic EMR software. For this customer, OM Plus will be used to improve print fidelity and implements print confirmation and tracking. OM Plus is able to communicate bi-directionally with printers to confirm that printing occured properly. In addition, OM Plus provides error recovery tools so that helpdesk personnel are more efficient. A key component in…

January 4, 2017

U.S. Division Manufacturer Purchases Additional OM Plus Licenses A large manufacturer of standard and custom hook/loop fasteners has purchased additional licenses for OM Plus. With the U.S. division headquartered in New Hampshire this manufacturer has approximately 1,000 employees. This manufacturing company has decided to purchases additional OM licenses to maintain its operations. These additional destinations will allow the company to continue growth. OM Plus will confirm delivery to the printer and confirm completed print jobs. Moreover, OM Plus software ensures that documents are printed correctly and without any missing pages. In addition to confirmation, OM Plus provides tools to recover in…

December 29, 2016

 Print Software Manages 70,000 Printers in Single Installation One of the largest healthcare providers in the U.S. and a longtime customer of Plus Technologies has recently exceeded 70,000 print devices. These devices are all under the control of OM Plus Delivery Manager print software. The organization based in California, has over 167,000 employees, 14,600 doctors and 431 locations. The healthcare provider uses EMR solutions from both Epic and Cerner. Printing from these systems involves multiple data streams/workflows hopping across dozens of servers and multiple operating systems. Additionally with data transformations, and routing print job routing across complex networks to printers across the…

December 21, 2016

Automotive Parts Supplier Adds OM Plus Licenses One of the largest automotive parts manufacturer has purchased an additional 100 licenses for OM Plus. Headquartered in Aurora, Ontario, Canada this global automotive supplier is the largest (2014) automobile parts manufacturer in North America. This company is one of Canada's largest companies and the largest in sales of original equipment parts. Moreover, with 155,000 employees in 312 manufacturing operations and 98 product development/engineering and sales centers in 29 countries it brought in a revenue of US$ 32.1 billion in 2014. This ever expanding company has decided to purchases additional OM licenses to maintain its operations.…

December 19, 2016

Happy Holidays from Plus Technologies Happy Holidays! The holidays are here, and Plus Technologies would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season. Regardless if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or neither we hope everyone enjoys the end of the year with family and friends. 2017 is right around the corner and as a company Plus Technologies looks back on what we are thankful for. First of all we are very thankful for all our hardworking employees. In addition, Plus Technologies is thankful for our customers and partners. A special thank you goes out to our service members who could not…

December 15, 2016

German Bread Market Purchases OM Plus Software A famous bread market and a leader in the German bread and bakery market has increased licensing of Plus Technologies' OM Plus software. This company started in 1688 with a small bakery in Hamburg-Altona, Germany. Today, with nine production sites, 45 distribution centers, 750+ printers, and 4000 employees they are the most famous leader in the German bread/bakery market. Additionally, in 2015 their sales were approximately 950M EUR. This bread market is using OM Plus software to manage delivery of a UNIX print stream to a 3rd party "e-forms" product. OMP will confirm delivery to the…

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