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OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) is advanced, intelligent output management printing software that seamlessly ingests jobs from multiple systems and delivers them to printers, multi-function devices, fax software, email systems, and more. Rarely, changes are needed to existing ERP/EMR systems. OM Plus print management software features include: print confirmation, re-printing, re-routing, automated fail-over, load balancing, bundling, re-sequencing, and much more. Read more
OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD) improves printing efficiencies and security by holding a user’s printed jobs on a secure print server until the user walks up to a convenient printer and authenticates/releases their jobs. Read more
OM Plus i-Sat is Plus Technologies’ internet based printing software solution. i-Sat consists of Plus Technologies developed print management software that enables organizations to use the internet to securely deliver print jobs from one location to another. This solution is perfect for organizations with distributed locations such as satellite offices, retail outlets, labs, or health care clinics. Read more
Plus Technologies OM Stats feature collects print statistics from the OM Plus DM spooler including which user is printing, what they are printing, where they are printing, when they are printing, number of documents, and the number of pages. Read more
OM Plus Fleet Manager (OM Plus FM) is a comprehensive printer fleet management software tool. FM helps organizations or Managed Print Services providers manage print and multi-function/copy fleets. Read more
Organizations can avoid printing and copying by implementing Plus Technologies’ electronic report distribution software. Read more
OM Plus TRP provides an alternative to expensive pre-printed forms by providing tamper resistant printing on plain paper. Read more

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Plus Technologies

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Plus Technologies located in Ohio, has been developing enterprise level document and output management software since 1994. Plus Technologies’ focus is on improving business processes affected by documents. We have thousands of customers, tens of thousands of server software installations, and millions of printers under management in 30 countries.


Before OM Plus, printing was a nightmare.

—Wells Fargo Mortgage

Print Solutions

We use have used OM Plus to streamline our print operations for years. It has been very reliable.

—State of West Virginia

Without OM Plus we would not be able to print out our grading reports n a timely manner. The load balancing solution really solved our throughput problem.

—Long Beach Public Schools

Education – Government Solutions

We use OM Plus to help us route documents to printers in a mission critical environment. It has done the job and been very dependable.


Print Job Routing


Plus Technologies Certified with Ricoh
Plus Technologies to Attend Epic App Orchard Presentation for Print Output Management
Plus Technologies Customers Can Use Tamper-Resistant-Print (TRP) for More Than Just Prescription (Rx) Printing
New OM Plus Web Client Now Available
Healthcare Company Implements OM Plus
Zero Footprint SAP Solution Provided for SaaS Environment
Plus Technologies to Attend Epic UGM Conference
Plus Technologies Receives an Order from a Wholesale Distributor
Order for Tamper-Resistant-Print (TRP)
Plus Technologies’ Cloud Application Solution
Cerner Print Management Video
Services/Support Team Receives Customer Feedback
Tornadoes Hit Dayton Area
Printer Management Vs. Output Management – What’s the Difference?
Amtrak Buys and Implements OM Plus Solution

October 15, 2019

Plus Technologies Certified with Ricoh Plus Technologies has certified its OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD) with Ricoh. Ricoh's certification program is called Ricoh Development Program (RiDP). This RiDP certification means that Plus Technologies pull-print solutions and "single sign on capabilities (SSO) is now supported on Ricoh devices. My-Print-Delivery (MPD) components are able to reside in the Ricoh devices and are able to receive card reader data used for authentication, drive print release jobs to the device for authenticated users and send/receive relevant to/from the display. In addition to Ricoh, Plus Technologies' MPD for pull-print has been embedded and certified on Lexmark,…

October 10, 2019

Plus Technologies to Attend Epic App Orchard Presentation for Print Output Management Plus Technologies will be at the Epic App Orchard Conference next week 10/16 - 10/18 in Verona, WI. Epic has asked Plus Technologies team member Andy Folz to give a presentation covering Print Output Management. The presentation will be on Thursday 10/17 at 2:45pm in the Deep Space building, Level G2, room name 'Flannel Shirt', room # G2760. Session AO224: Print Output Management for Epic and Enterprise Printing Educational presentation and Q&A about Enterprise Print Management solutions. Learn about the challenges of designing, implementing and supporting these…

October 8, 2019

Plus Technologies Customers Can Use Tamper-Resistant-Print (TRP) for More Than Just Prescription (Rx) Printing Plus Technologies uses the same type of technologies on transcripts as we do on plain paper Rx (pantographs and microprint). Tamper-Resistant-Print (TRP) is a great solution for universities, community colleges, and other educational institutions. On the original document a faint background is applied that when copied comes to the fore-front and ruins any unauthorized copies. By using Plus Technologies Tamper-Resistant-Print (TRP) customers can save cost as they do not have to buy expensive pre-printed forms and specialized printers. This TRP solution will work on most popular…

September 27, 2019

New OM Plus Web Client Now Available A new version of Plus Technologies' Web Client has completed QA and is now available. OM Plus Web Client Version 2.2.0008 includes new features and adds the ability to set up OM Plus Security features within the web client. Plus Technologies' web client has been upgraded and released. The upgrade added the ability for the users to filter printers based on group, type, and status. Users interested in a version upgrade should contact [email protected] For more information, please contact Plus Technologies. (more…)

September 24, 2019

Healthcare Company Implements OM Plus A healthcare organization has implemented an OM Plus Solution. This solution is in the initial phase of implementation. This customer will have 3 phases and Plus Technologies is currently working on phase 1. This hospital in Colorado is using remote hosted Cerner and Xerox printers. They are using Plus Technologies' partner PrinterLogic to create and propagate print queues/drivers to desktops and replicate into OM Plus. PrinterLogic will handle direct IP printing where necessary. OM Plus will manage those and integrate with existing Imprivata for pull print authentication, for workflows conducive to pull-printing. For workflows not conducive…

September 17, 2019

Zero Footprint SAP Solution Provided for SaaS Environment A large organization in the medical radiology and imaging business needed to make multiple software technology transitions to update their IT infrastructure. This process included moving from on-premise systems to a hosted environment which included SaaS and IaaS solutions. Their incumbent enterprise output management system (HP Dazel - Opentext Output Server) would not run in their new environment architecture. Their electronic forms system (Adobe Central - Jetforms) would not run in the new environment either. In addition, they needed to move and upgrade their on-premise SAP ECC system to SAP Business Suite…

August 21, 2019

Plus Technologies to Attend Epic UGM Conference Plus Technologies is excited to let you know we will be at the Epic UGM Conference this upcoming week in Verona. We will be in booth #216 on the exhibitor's floor in Voyager Hall. If you have time, please stop by to say hello, or we can schedule a time if that is easier. The vendor exhibition floor will be open Tuesday 11:30-5:10 and Wednesday 8:30-5:10. If you are interested, we will be able to show you our OM Plus software and demo some of our print management, monitoring and delivery capabilities. They…

August 9, 2019

Plus Technologies Receives an Order from a Wholesale Distributor Plus Technologies with its reseller Partner Lexmark have obtained an order for OM Plus from a 'Missouri based' wholesale distribution corporation. This company was looking for load balancing between their printers and they could not have any duplicates and without loss of print. For more information, please contact Plus Technologies (more…)

August 1, 2019

Plus Technologies Receives an Order for Tamper-Resistant-Print (TRP) for Prescription (Rx) Printing Plus Technologies with its reseller PrinterLogic have obtained an order for Rx printing from a large 'midwest' based health organization. This user is a large hospital system that uses Cerner Millennium as its main ERP system. The order is for OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) with the Tamper-Resistant-Print (TRP) option which will seamlessly take in documents from the Cerner system. Next the solution will determine which are for Rx and route those though a high tech tamper resistant technology. This technology will then create a copy resistant background…

July 26, 2019

Plus Technologies' Cloud Application Solution Plus Technologies has a Cloud Application print management solution where OM Plus provides advanced functionality and features to organizations that print from cloud applications. SaaS and Cloud Based Printing. Plus Technologies’ OM Plus i-Sat internet based cloud printing service. Plus Technologies has developed OM Plus i-Sat to provide a secure, reliable, scalable solution for delivering documents from a host based mainframe over the internet to remote customer locations. Additionally, OM Plus i-Sat cloud printing is the ideal print software solution for SaaS environments. Specifically in an i-Sat scenario, remote users are trying to print documents that are created on a host…

July 17, 2019

Plus Technologies' Cerner Millennium Print Management Video Plus Technologies has posted a video to explain our Cerner print management solution. Specifically, this new video is available on Plus Technologies' website. . Additionally, this video and others are available on Plus Technologies' YouTube channel, Cerner Millennium is a Market Leading Electronic Health Record Solution. For more information, please contact Plus Technologies (more…)

June 21, 2019

Services/Support Team Receives Customer Feedback Recently Plus Technologies Services/Support team has received numerous unsolicited positive feedback from customers for their responsiveness and quality of work. Several of our customers are migrating their core 'back-end" ERP or EMR systems and requested Plus Technologies' assistance with those moves. This includes two large health care organizations that are migrating their Epic systems to the latest version. The output architecture in the recent Epic releases is considerably different than prior versions requiring a corresponding new version of OM plus and assistance with set up. Also, a large midwest based insurance company and a large manufacturing…

May 30, 2019

Tornadoes Hit Dayton Area This week, tornadoes hit the Dayton, Ohio area. Many people have been affected in our area, while we were unaffected many in our community were harmed in one way or another. Some were directly hit, many lost power and water, etc. Dayton is a strong community and many people have come together. As a result, we are offering our casual fund and donations to relief efforts bringing water, food, clothes, and more. Dayton's local weatherman has become an internet hit as he was keen to remind people watching the Bachelorette of what was important. Our thoughts…

May 22, 2019

Printer Management Vs. Output Management - What's the Difference? A common question that comes up is: "what is the difference between Printer Management and Output Management?" Printer Management Software is commonly defined as 'device management.' Essentially the Printer Management Software 'talks' interactively with printers to gather information from the device itself regarding page counts, consumables, and printer health/errors. This information is then accumulated and interpreted by the Printer Management Software system to help organizations maintain device uptime, predictively order consumables, and optimize the fleet. (more…)

May 17, 2019

Amtrak Buys and Implements OM Plus Solution Plus Technologies has recently received an order from Amtrak for OM Plus. Amtrak, headquartered in Washington D.C., is a passenger railroad service that provides medium-and long-distance intercity service to more than 500 destinations in the United States and to nine Canadian cities. Operating more than 300 trains daily over 21,400 miles of track makes Train Bulletin Printing very important. Train Bulletins are mission critical documents printed at crew exchange points on the transportation network. These documents are used directly by the conductor and engineer aboard the locomotive. All trains are required to have…

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