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Tamper Resistant Prescription Printing Solutions For Healthcare Organizations

Plus Technologies has designed an inexpensive secure rx solution for healthcare facilities to achieve full compliance with prescription printing regulations without the need for prescription pads or expensive forms.

Due to Federal regulations, organizations are required to prevent:

  • Unauthorized copying of a completed or blank prescription forms,
  • Erasure or modification of information written on prescriptions
  • Use of counterfeit prescription forms.

As a result, printing prescriptions often involves using specialized printers with expensive locking trays, the purchase of costly pre-printed forms and inconvenient security processes.

Print Tamper Resistant Prescriptions on Plain Paper

Plus Technologies in conjunction with a major printer vendor offers a solution to replace this expensive implementation with software that uses pantograph and micro-print technologies to print tamper resistant prescriptions on plain paper. The savings from this solution are significant.

The Benefits of Tamper Resistant Rx (TRP) Prescription Printing Solutions

    • Save thousands with plain paper versus pre-printed Rx media and a quick ROI.
    • Reduce labor and training expenses associated with special procurement, storing, tracking and handling of expensive pre-printed Rx media
    • Increase security of the Rx form because it is securely stored in the OM Plus software.
    • Reduce secure storage space and vault expenses associated with storing pre-printed Rx media
    • Reduce printer acquisition cost associated with printers capable of handling locking trays.
    • Get the added benefits of OM Plus base software that provides a greatly extended feature set compared to native spooling systems. It reduces queue/destination administration across multiple applications and servers, provides real time monitoring, alerts, corrective actions, rules based delivery, confirmation of delivery, job tracking, error logs, print usage logs, detailed security permissions and much more.

For more information on these solutions please contact Plus Technologies.


  • Individual states control pharmacy regulations governing prescribing medications, and some states do not allow electronic prescriptions for controlled substances. In these states, all prescriptions for controlled substances must be printed on paper.
  • Patients treated in clinics and emergency departments may not have a local pharmacy and need a paper prescription.
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