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OM PlusMobile Device Print


OM Plus Mobile Device Print

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly commonplace in today’s workforce. As more companies adopt these new devices, there is a greater need for advanced print functionality and security.

Plus Technologies has tested and approved a 3rd party application that allows printing from mobile devices. By integrating with OM Plus Delivery Manager print software, mobile users can now experience seamless end to end delivery and control of print jobs sent from devices such as, tablets and smart phones.

From an ease of use standpoint OM Plus Mobile Device Print provides a very simple and intuitive print experience. The application can be installed on a device in less than a minute and supports the most popular platforms including iOS, Android, ChromeOS, and Windows 10 based devices.

When the users sends a print job from their mobile device, a user ID can be assigned and authenticated before the job is sent on to a Windows print server. Next, OM Plus seamlessly ingests the print job from the Windows print server where advance routing and deliver options can be applied. This solution is a perfect complement to existing OM Plus users who need to integrate their uncontrolled mobile print in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment.

Key Features

  • Easily print from a mobile device
  • Easy install, set up, and updates
  • Provide greater print security
  • Integrated Active Directory Management
  • Secure print release/pull print functionality is available
  • Greater print mobility
  • Save money through lower print volumes
  • Ability to intelligently route print jobs
  • Provides print statistics
  • Provides seamless end to end delivery and control
  • Ability to load balance printers
  • Automatic printer fail-over












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Mobile Device Print FAQs

Plus Technologies has tested and approved a 3rd party solution that allows mobile users to experience seamless end-to-end delivery and control of print jobs sent from devices such as, tablets and smartphones to OM Plus.
An approved 3rd party solution must be installed on the user’s tablet or smart device.
Here is how:

  • The SaaS user requests the job from the host and then the host creates the job.
  • OM Plus at the host site ingests the print job and connects with i-Sat software located at the remote printing site.
  • Once authentication is confirmed, OM Plus encrypts and compresses the print job.
  • Additionally, OM Plus delivers the SaaS print job securely over the internet.
  • After that i-Sat receives the print job where it is uncompressed, unencrypted, and delivered to the local printer.

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