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December 9, 2019

OM Plus i-Sat May be a Real Benefit to You

Web OMPlus, OM Plus i-Sat May be a Real Benefit to You, i-SatOM Plus i-Sat May be a Real Benefit to You

  • Do you need to print documents created on a hosted server?
  • Do you have remote locations not on the network?
  • Are you concerned about ‘non-organic’ employees having access to your org’s corporate systems?
  • Do you utilize expensive and hard to maintain VPN to get access to the host system?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then OM Plus i-Sat may be a real benefit to you.

December 2, 2019

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Thanksgiving, Thanks, Giving Thanks, Plus Technologies

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was this past week and as the Nation takes the day off we acknowledge what we are thankful for. As a company Plus Technologies is thankful for all our hard working employees. In addition, Plus Technologies is very thankful for our customers and partners. A special thank you goes out to our service members who could not make it home for the holiday.

In 1789 George Washington proclaimed Thanksgiving a public holiday in the United States. For the next 74 years, Thanksgiving was celebrated by individual colonies and states. In 1863 Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving into a federal holiday. During the Civil War Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of “Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens.”
Since 1863 Thanksgiving has been celebrated on the last Thursday in November. In 1621, the “First Thanksgiving” took place when the Plymouth Colonists and the Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest.

November 20, 2019

Print Servers vs. Output Management Servers

Print Servers vs. Output Management Servers, Eliminating Print Servers, Plus Technologies, OM Plus, Output Management, print servers, Print server, Output Management server, OMS, business man

Print Servers vs. Output Management Servers

There is a lot of discussion about getting rid of Print Servers in the market today. Print Servers are devices that connect multiple workstations to printers so that the printers can be shared among many users. This is a good thing but print servers are also a burden on IT. They can add considerably to their workload. As a result, there are products are designed to eliminate print servers in order to reduce IT workload.  These products advertise by saying “get rid of print servers.”

Here at Plus Technologies, we want to point out that a print server is not the same as an Output Management Server (OMS). While prints servers connect workstations to printers the purpose of an Output Management system is completely different. Output Management Software provides the delivery of print jobs from their source system (either workstation or backend systems like SAP, Epic, Cerner, Oracle, etc) to the printer itself and ensures the integrity of the print function and its related business processes.

November 8, 2019

Limited Time Price Discount on OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM)

Limited Time Price Discount on OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM), Plus Technologies, Fleet Manager, FM, Output Management,1Web OMPlusLimited Time Price Discount on OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM)

Plus Technologies is announcing a new pricing program for its OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM) product. When a Managed Services Provider signs up for a 2 year term or longer for the hosted version of OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM), 12 months of usage fees will be waived.

OM Plus FM collects page counts, toner levels and alerts for SNMP network connected printers and managed function devices. Device alerts let the MPS Provider dispatch service in a timely and accurate manner. Scheduled reports show page counts (color and mono) by device usage so that page level billing can be supported. In this situation the device data collector resides at the MSP or customer network to collect the printer data while the database and server resides at Plus technologies hosting center.

November 7, 2019

OM Plus Complements Driver Management Systems

1Web OMPlus, OM Plus Complements Printer Definition/Driver Management Systems, OM Plus, Plus Technologies, Output ManagementOM Plus Complements Printer Definition/Driver Management Systems

There are software tools that help manage end user printer definitions and print drivers.  However, these tools typically require software to be installed on end user workstations and print jobs from the workstation directly to the printer avoiding Windows print servers. The good news is that these solutions can eliminate the need for Windows print servers which add an administrative burden to organizations. The bad news is that these solutions rely on direct IP printing and are missing key features related to the delivery, routing, error recovery, and management of print jobs typically found in output management software (OMS) products like OM Plus Delivery Manager. For this reason, many customers deploy OMS products like OM Plus to provide functions not otherwise available.

October 31, 2019

OM Plus for Finance and Banking

OM Plus for Finance and Banking, Bank, Output Management, Plus Technologies

OM Plus for Finance and Banking

Plus Technologies has been providing print solutions to financial institutions for many years and has a significant installed base of customers in this market. Our customer list include the largest US banking software provider, the largest residential mortgage provider, the largest mortgage lender in the US, the largest German bank, large insurance companies, as well as other institutions large and small. In addition, a large bank core processing software provider includes OM Plus as their standard print engine in their product.

OM Plus delivers and adds security centrally created documents (like mortgages) to remote locations (like branches). This provides a unique secure pull-print technology to deliver documents in a hosted or SaaS environment. In addition, OM Plus provides the ability to combine several individual documents into a single packet. OM Plus provides confirmed delivery to the printer tray ensures all the necessary documents arrive in tact and on time.

October 25, 2019

Plus Technologies Ensures Shipments Keep Flowing

Plus Technologies Ensures Shipments Keep Flowing, OM Plus, Manufacturing

Plus Technologies Ensures Shipments Keep Flowing

In production line environments whether it is in manufacturing, warehouse, logistics, or distribution it is critical to keep the shipments flowing. However, these shipments depend on paperwork like bills of lading, manifests, pick lists, and labels to print correctly and in the right order. Interruptions can cause missed or delayed shipments which impacts results.

OM Plus streamlines operations and increases shipment fidelity. In logistics/distribution environments OM Plus will keep production lines going with automatic printer failover. In addition, OM Plus confirms delivery to the printer output tray so that customers know the documents have printed. Also, OM Plus notifies the Helpdesk in the case of failure or supplies outage, load balance to increase throughput and reliability with a cluster of printers or multifunction devices, controls the delivery and printing of labels to Zebra and other thermal printer types. OM Plus is SAP certified so SAP users and helpdesk can view print job status within the SAP UI.

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies.

October 15, 2019

Plus Technologies Certified with Ricoh

Ricoh, Plus Technologies, Output Management, OM Plus, MPD, My-Print-Delivery, pull-printPlus Technologies Certified with Ricoh

Plus Technologies has certified its OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD) with Ricoh. Ricoh’s certification program is called Ricoh Development Program (RiDP). This RiDP certification means that Plus Technologies pull-print solutions and “single sign on capabilities (SSO) is now supported on Ricoh devices.

My-Print-Delivery (MPD) components are able to reside in the Ricoh devices and are able to receive card reader data used for authentication, drive print release jobs to the device for authenticated users and send/receive relevant to/from the display. In addition to Ricoh, Plus Technologies’ MPD for pull-print has been embedded and certified on Lexmark, HP, Xerox, Dell, and others. This allows our multi-fleet customers to have a consistent user experience across the entire printer/multi-function fleet.

If MPD is not certified for a particular it can still provide print release functions as MPD will work with stand alone card readers as well. Even if there is no embedded App the MPD solution will still provide the pull-print functions needed.
In the meantime, more platforms are being added all the time so watch this space for more updates

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies.

October 10, 2019

Plus Technologies to Attend Epic App Orchard Presentation for Print Output Management

Print Management, Plus Technologies to Attend Epic App Orchard Presentation for Print Output Management, OM Plus, Plus TechnologiesPlus Technologies to Attend Epic App Orchard Presentation for Print Output Management

Plus Technologies will be at the Epic App Orchard Conference next week 10/16 – 10/18 in Verona, WI.

Epic has asked Plus Technologies team member Andy Folz to give a presentation covering Print Output Management. The presentation will be on Thursday 10/17 at 2:45pm in the Deep Space building, Level G2, room name ‘Flannel Shirt’, room # G2760.

Session AO224: Print Output Management for Epic and Enterprise Printing

Educational presentation and Q&A about Enterprise Print Management solutions. Learn about the challenges of designing, implementing and supporting these solutions in complex healthcare environments. Find out about their benefits that include centralized queue creation, view of the entire print environment, rules-based delivery including; pull print, tamper resistant Rx print, confirmation of delivery, as well as collection/analysis of print usage and more.

Please feel free to share this with others that might be attending, and let us know if you have any questions. Hope to see you there!

Some of our solutions include: Epic/Cerner and other EMR output management, pull-print solutions, integration with PrinterLogic, Imprivata integrations, Tamper Resistant prescription printing, and much more.

If anyone would like to arrange with a Plus Technologies representative at the show please contact us at [email protected]

October 8, 2019

Plus Technologies Customers Can Use Tamper-Resistant-Print (TRP) for More Than Just Prescription (Rx) Printing

Plus Technologies Customers Can Use Tamper-Resistant-Print (TRP) for More Than Just Prescription (Rx) Printing, Rx, Output Management, OM Plus

Plus Technologies Customers Can Use Tamper-Resistant-Print (TRP) for More Than Just Prescription (Rx) Printing

Plus Technologies uses the same type of technologies on transcripts as we do on plain paper Rx (pantographs and microprint). Tamper-Resistant-Print (TRP) is a great solution for universities, community colleges, and other educational institutions. On the original document a faint background is applied that when copied comes to the fore-front and ruins any unauthorized copies.

By using Plus Technologies Tamper-Resistant-Print (TRP) customers can save cost as they do not have to buy expensive pre-printed forms and specialized printers. This TRP solution will work on most popular laser printers and multifunction devices. In addition, the software provides security so unauthorized printing can be prevented.

Interested customers can see samples of TRP printed transcripts by contacting Plus Technologies.

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