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Logistics Solutions

Plus Technologies solutions streamline and improve productivity in logistics – distribution print environments. To maximize efficiency in these environments organizations must be able to reliably print pick tickets, invoices, labels, bills of lading and other documents. In many cases documents have to be combined or re-ordered for inclusion in a shipment. Documents should not be printed twice or missed. The ability to restart print jobs at a specific page is very important as well. In addition to maximize throughput load balancing jobs across multiple devices is an important capability. Automated fail-over upon print failure also helps maintain uptime on the line.

Logistics services are often managed by automated and integrated order processing and inventory control systems. Orders are processed upon receipt, and they ship within 24 hours. In other words, logistic systems need to be reliable to fulfill the promise of fast, accurate shipping of your products to anywhere in the world.

When fulfilling customer orders, warehouse documents such as labels, pick tickets, invoices, etc need to be printed on a printer at the end of the logistic process, in real time. As print volume increases, the single printer model can no longer keep up with the volume of printing, which impacts customer satisfaction, revenue, and profit.

Utilizing OM Plus, we can automatically split the print jobs and load balance them across multiple printers–WITHOUT requiring any changes to the underlying application and ensuring all documents related to a specific customer order stay together in a “bundle” so related documents are not split across multiple printers. We can utilize print failover to ensure no orders are missed due to down printers, and help desk personnel are immediately notified of problems to increase the velocity of problem remediation.

Listed below are some of the Plus Technologies solutions commonly used in this marketplace. For a complete list of solutions go to the print solutions page.

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