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Printing Service Support

Presently, at Plus Technologies we write all the code for our print software products. Specifically, this includes our print spooler software, pull-print software, print statistics and analytics software, print fleet management software, and print routing software. Additionally, we co-locate software technical support (printing service support) and software engineering to ensure and tightest escalation process possible. Customer calls are taken directly by service technicians so customers do not have to go through an automated phone tree. Therefore, our customers get immediate support from qualified technicians. Moreover, support technicians create an incident for each support call taken and follow a rigorous management and escalation process. This ensures each issue is resolved as quickly as possible.
All in all basic tech support coverage includes 12 hours per day for US business days. 7 x 24 coverage is also available.

Standard Level Technical Support

  • Toll free telephone and web based technical support
  • 8am-8pm U.S. Eastern service hours
  • The right to product version upgrades
  • No More than four business hour response time
  • Also, direct access to technical support engineers

Extra Fee Support Options

  • 7×24 hour technical support
  • On site services
  • Regular status calls
  • Faster response times
  • Escalation clauses


  • User Manuals
  • Technical Guides
  • Product Overviews
  • For All Products
  • Contact Us for a Copy

Enterprise Apps

  • OM Plus Suite ingests output from most enterprise apps without changes
  • ERP systems such as: SAP, Oracle, MFG Pro, and many more
  • EMR systems such as: Epic, McKesson, Siemens, All Scripts, Cerner, and many more
  • There are too many systems to list
  • Contact Us to find out more about system integration

Plus Technologies Software Security Statement

Plus Technologies is a developer of Enterprise Print Software. Our software is for managing and maintaining print infrastructures and the support thereof. None of our software collects and/or distributes information outside of your systems, other than specific solutions that are configured to do so, and by the customer’s express permission. Our software is not designed with any malicious intent or with a purpose to collect or freely distribute information outside of the customer’s control.

Our software is compiled and our installation packages are built on systems with up to date anti-virus systems, and take due care to make sure that no software we distribute contains a virus.

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