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Multi-System Print SupportSolutions

OM Plus Multi-System Print Support Solutions

Organizations may have multiple systems running the applications needed to run the organization. Each system will have its own unique print spooling subsystem. Administrators have to learn the intricacies of each of these systems in order to support the enterprise. This attracts complexity, incompatibilities, inefficiencies, labor and cost. Symptoms of this environment include:

  • Redundant software licensing
  • Inefficient use of support and administrative labor
  • Lack of print portability between systems
  • Poor customer service

Through the implementation of OM Plus, we can create a single common, enterprise-wide print infrastructure. OM Plus can seamlessly ingest print jobs from mainframes, UNIX, Linux, Windows, and other systems and provide a single print spooling function. All jobs can be viewed on one of OM Plus’ user interfaces. Administrators need to learn only one system and support can be simplified. Access to network printers can be provided regardless of the source. OM Plus is very scalable and robust to handle a large volume of jobs and devices. OM Plus’ extensive trouble shooting tools help locate and resolve print problems when they occur. Advanced features such as print confirmation, load balancing, fail-over, notification, intelligent routing streamline processes and improve system fidelity.

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