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Freight Shipping Company Selects OM Plus Print Manager

  • Date: Jun 29, 2018

Freight Shipping Company Selects OM Plus Print Manager

June 29, 2018, Dayton, Ohio – Plus Technologies is pleased to announce that a freight shipping company with over 10,000 employees has selected OM Plus print manager.  The company will use OM Plus to manage the output from their homegrown ERP system and intelligently route the output to various printers within their network and to remote locations.

The freight shipping company needed a print management system that could accept print jobs through an API interface. They required a solution that provided transformation capabilities, the ability to reprint or restart documents, an advanced troubleshooting toolset, the ability to confirm delivery of print jobs all the way to the paper tray and failover to another printer in the event of an interruption in production. If a failure occurred, they also wanted to be notified of any problems or issues.

With OM Plus’ API interface, the output is seamlessly ingested from their homegrown ERP system, documents are transformed using the appropriate document format, and print jobs are confirmed all the way to the paper tray. When a printer is down, documents are re-routed to an alternate printer so that production is not interrupted. If problems occur, the support staff can take advantage of the robust troubleshooting toolset and logs that are provided in OM Plus print manager. By taking advantage of the many features in OM Plus, the company has experienced a significant improvement in print fidelity and workflow.


Performance Benefits of OM Plus Print Manager

  • Lower administration cost
  • No modification or customization required for existing enterprise applications
  • Increased capacity and reliability
  • Process improvement
  • Faster error resolution
  • Flexible, streamlined output processes
  • Automated document work-flow

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