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Large Retailer Uses OM Plus to Intelligently Route Documents to 1000+ Stores

  • Date: Dec 29, 2017

Large Retailer Uses OM Plus to Intelligently Route Documents to 1000+ Stores

Dayton, Ohio, November 30, 2017– Plus Technologies is pleased to announce a large retailer has purchased OM Plus Delivery Manager to improve document fidelity, reliability and intelligently route documents produced from their SAP system. The OM Plus print software ingests documents sent from the customer’s SAP systems as well as standard Windows print output.

Before purchasing OM Plus Delivery Manager, this retailer experienced inconsistencies with print reliability, scalability, lack of troubleshooting tools, lacked the ability to route documents to stores, and lacked control of the document sequence. Due to limitations in their SAP software, users were unable to see the detailed status of print jobs in their host SAP system. As a result, the help desk experienced high call volumes and far too many documents did not print properly.

The solution purchased incorporates integrated software from Plus Technologies and PrinterLogic. PrinterLogic’s Printer Installer software addresses management of print drivers and handles the end user’s day to day front-end Windows print experience.  From there, Printer Installer hands documents off to OM Plus Delivery Manager where advanced routing, error recovery, job tracking and delivery assurance features can be applied before delivering documents to the printer.

The customer found that OM Plus Delivery Manager not only significantly increases their print fidelity and reliability but also provides intelligent document routing capabilities, the ability to bundle groups of documents to increase reliability and efficiency, an advanced troubleshooting toolset and the ability to display real-time status information all the way back to the SAP User Interface. The automated failover features found in this solution can route output produced in SAP from the company’s central location to any of their 1000+ stores.

“OM Plus performed perfectly for our needs. It is doing everything as expected. Testing and the business case was very conclusive.” – Large Retail Customer

Key Features Found in this Solution

  • Closed loop printing process and business processes that are document-driven.
  • Ability to route SAP output from a central location to any of the 1000+ stores.
  • Capability to print a single document to many destinations.
  • Ingestion of end user’s Windows print jobs due to the PrinterLogic integration.
  • Ability to group documents by document context.
  • High Availability printing for groups of ordered documents, increasing reliability and efficiency of the process.
  • Injection of dynamic separator pages for jobs that are failed over.
  • Automated load-balancing at the device and server level to increase uptime.
  • Ability to return printer and print job status back to SAP R3 via the OM Plus BC-XOM interface so that end users can see the status on their SAP screens.
  • Notifications of print errors in and outside of SAP.
  • End-to-end control and delivery of print jobs to the printer tray with immediate notification of device errors.
  • Eliminate Windows print servers and taking unreliable Windows print processes off the critical path to improve scalability and reduce cost.
  • Secure server-based user release of print when at the print device.
  • Provides an enterprise-wide solution, not just SAP, not limited to operating system, printer or printer vendor.

About OM Plus Delivery Manager

OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) is enterprise level software that routes the output created by enterprise systems like EMR, ERP, accounting systems, and others. DM adds value to organizations by organizing, enhancing, dynamically routing, securing, and delivering business documents to where they need to be to improve key business processes. Delivery Manager also improves the reliability, recoverability, and scalability of native spooling systems saving maintenance and support costs.

About Plus Technologies LLC

Plus Technologies provides enterprise output management (EOM) and print software to customers including corporations, government, and healthcare organizations. Many of our customers are leaders in their field and are listed in the Fortune 500. Plus Technologies solutions are based on the “OM Plus Software Suite”. Each software product can stand on its own or can be integrated with the other OM Plus software products, as needed, to solve unique document related business problems. For more information, please visit

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