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OM Plus, Print Delivery Manager Software, Selected for Kroger Printing Project

  • Date: Sep 15, 2011

OM Plus, Print Delivery Manager Software, Selected for Kroger Printing Project

Dayton, Ohio, September 15, 2011 – Plus Technologies announces its OM Plus Print Delivery Manager software (OM Plus DM) has been selected to enhance the printing operations in Kroger’s ‘cold storage’ distribution centers operated by Atlas Logistics. Foods requiring cold storage are sent to regional distribution centers in bulk before being sorted and shipped to the individual Kroger stores. In this environment the goods are sorted, labeled and loaded into trucks. The reliable printing of labels is critical to accurate and timely delivery.

OM Plus DM software interfaces directly to the Kroger host application and is used to drive the printing of the labels required on each store shipment. OM Plus DM provides key features such as label design, printer failover, printer load balancing, and user notification of printer errors. By providing these features OM Plus reduces errors related to missing labels, misprinted labels, or delayed printing thus speeding up shipments. This, in turn, improves the efficiency of the distribution center as a whole and results in a higher frequency of on time deliveries which is critical when dealing with fresh food products.

“We are very pleased to be able to help Atlas Logistics and Kroger improve their business process. This is another example where printing efficiencies can directly affect the operation of a business. By providing a customized label format, printer load balancing, and printer failover we are helping Atlas Logistics meet their delivery goals for Kroger” said Mike Visser, President of Plus Technologies.

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Since 1994, Plus Technologies has been providing print management software to corporate, government and health care organizations in over 30 countries worldwide. Plus Technologies has been selected by many Fortune 500 companies who are leaders in their markets.

Plus Technologies provides solutions based on their output management suite of products including OM Plus Delivery Manager (print job spooling and delivery), OM Plus Fleet Manager (consumables, printer error and usage management system), and OM Plus Report Manager (electronic report distribution system). We call this collection of software products the OM Plus Software Suite. Plus Technologies also provides custom programming services in the area of output management for organizations.

Plus Technologies has extensive experience in combining their output management software products with a strong implementation services capability to create ‘solutions’ that are as unique as the customer’s problems. In addition, Plus Technologies solutions are known to be very cost effective as the company provides flexible pricing options including utility billing, subscription, and initial license fee licenses.

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