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Plus Technologies announces an integrated mobile print solution and technology partnership with Breezy

  • Date: Oct 30, 2020

Plus Technologies announces an integrated mobile print solution and technology partnership with Breezy

October 30, 2020, Dayton, Ohio – Plus Technologies is pleased to announce its new integrated mobile print solution and technology partnership with Breezy. Plus Technologies focuses on delivering enterprise print and output management software solutions. Breezy specializes in providing secure, intuitive, print experiences for iOS and Android mobile devices via Cloud, On-premises, and Hybrid environments. The combined solutions offer customers a complete print output management solution allowing users to securely print from a mobile device to managed printers from just about anywhere.

With the Breezy solution, users can submit print jobs easily and securely from iOS and Android mobile devices to a Plus Technologies managed print output environment. Print jobs can be submitted thru the cloud, the organization’s WAN, and even via email. Plus Technologies’ OM Plus based print output management solutions ingest these jobs as well as others from Windows/UNIX/Linux/Mainframe servers, directories, VDI, clients, and more. It then manages, monitors, and delivers them with any necessary rules, across complex networks, to many destinations and device types. It provides a centralized point of administration with a robust toolset for configuring and supporting the environment. It also provides analysis and reporting capabilities about the who, what, when, where, and more, of the print environment. This increases an organization’s security with audit trail information and decreases cost by enabling them to optimize their printer fleet and its usage.

“This integration provides a single print and output management tool to manage all print jobs that flow through OM Plus, including mobile print jobs and those coming from backend applications like EMRs or ERPs”, said Mike Visser, President of Plus Technologies.

The integrated mobile device print output management solution comes with all the great features and benefits found in OM Plus. One of the popular features is Pull printing with the ingestion of Breezy print jobs into OM Plus My-Print-Delivery. Others include a seamless end to end printing and control, increased print security, automatic printer failover, increased mobility, printer load balancing, and more. Since our OM Plus solution operates as middleware between applications, servers, clients, and printers, the solution is essentially software and hardware vendor agnostic. However, we have special value add integrations, with vendors such as SAP, Epic, PrinterLogic, Pharos, Imprivata, Bottomline, and others.

If you are interested in this integrated mobile device print output management solution, please contact Plus Technologies for a demonstration and a free test.


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