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Plus Technologies Announces New HTML Interface for OM Plus

  • Date: Jan 14, 2009

Plus Technologies Announces New HTML Interface for OM Plus

DAYTON, OHIO, January 14, 2009 – In keeping with industry trends in client-based interfaces, Plus Technologies announced today that it is once again revitalizing the OM Plus HTML/Browser Interface.

In the new version (Ver 3.0), the HTML/Browser Interface will have more of the look and broad functionality of the JAVA-based OM Plus Status Screen, but it has been optimized for speed and response, even when operating with tens of thousands of print jobs.

The most immediate change will be the ability to use character set translations for a non Latin/Arabic character sets. This can be as simple as adding accented characters for languages like French and German, or as broad as using Russian characters or double-byte character sets for Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

Plus Technologies is also in the process of developing a Web Based version of the full OM Plus Administrative Interface currently only available in a thick client version.

For more information about the new OM Plus HTML/Browser Interface, contact Plus Technologies Support at [email protected]

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The Company’s software division, Plus Technologies, offers years of experience and expertise in all aspects of enterprise print management including, robust print spooling software, enterprise print system architecture and design, print management software tools, and an array of printing related services needed to make your enterprise print operations more functional, reliable, and highly efficient.

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