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Plus Technologies Announces OM Plus Advanced Delivery Functionality for Citrix

  • Date: Apr 28, 2009

Plus Technologies Announces OM Plus Advanced Delivery Functionality for Citrix

DAYTON, OHIO, April 28, 2009 – Plus Technologies announced today that they have developed an integration between OM Plus and the industry’s leading simplified Citrix print management solution from Tricerat. Plus Technologies worked to integrate OM Plus with this solution to enable Citrix and Terminal Services customers to take advantage of all of OM Plus’ advanced document delivery functionality into their Citrix print environment.

In the past, Citrix printing was difficult to manage and virtually impossible to support with advanced document delivery functionality (i.e. print job failover, load balancing, context based delivery etc.) The Tricerat solution has addressed the “difficult to manage” with their simplified printing for Citrix, and now with the OM Plus integration, advanced delivery functionality for Citrix printing is available as well.

Many of our customers have approached us to assist them to deploy OM Plus in their Citrix printing environments because they wanted to extend some of OM Plus’ advanced document delivery capability to that segment of their enterprise. Prior to this integration, it was not practical to implement.

Today, customers with Citrix or Terminal Services printing can take advantage of all of OM Plus’ advanced delivery functionality. These include:

  • Confirming that mission critical print jobs actually land in the output tray allowing the business process to successfully complete
  • Reducing print down time and lag time by automatically failing over to an alternate printer if the primary printer is unavailable using business rules
  • Bursts or bundles print jobs to improve distribution to the appropriate destination
  • Intelligently routing print jobs based on job meta-data like title, user, destination etc.
  • Reducing or eliminating print driven process bottlenecks via printer load balancing

About Digital Controls Corporation

The Company’s software division, Plus Technologies, offers years of experience and expertise in all aspects of enterprise print management including, robust print spooling software, enterprise print system architecture and design, print management software tools, and an array of printing related services needed to make your enterprise print operations more functional, reliable, and highly efficient.

The company’s IT Services division, Technology Services Group offers a broad range of IT Services including information security and infrastructure services. Because of our 40 years of experience, we understand the pressures that IT people face every day. We also provide Hardware & Software Sourcing by partnering with leading technology vendors – HP, Dell, Microsoft, Cisco, NetApp, McAfee, Sun and many others.

The company’s managed print services division, Managed Print Group, offers Managed Print Services (MPS) to clients of all industries and sizes. MPS reduces print and output costs, reduces the burden managing enterprise print puts on IT staff via real time alerts, reduces output failures with automatic printer failover and provides a single point of accountability and manageability of printing across the entire enterprise.

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