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Plus Technologies announces Usage Based Pricing for OM Plus

  • Date: Aug 31, 2009

Plus Technologies announces Usage Based Pricing for OM Plus

DAYTON, OHIO, August 31, 2009 – Plus Technologies announces a new pricing model for OM Plus based on product usage.

Plus Technologies is adding a new pricing/licensing option for its leading OM Plus software. Currently, Plus technologies offers a perpetual license grant where customer is charged an initial license fee (ILF) as well as a fixed term license where customers are charged a monthly subscription fee. As of September 1st Plus Technologies will be offering a usage based fee schedule. Under the new, usage based pricing program, customers are provided a right-to-use license and support services based solely on the number of pages printed. There will be no initial lump sum license fees. With the usage based pricing model customers will be able to deploy the software on as many servers as needed without paying additional fees. The OM Plus software will create a usage report based solely on the number of pages printed across through OM Plus on a quarterly basis which is sent to Plus Technologies. Based on this report Plus Technologies will create an invoice that is sent to the customer for payment.

“This is a very simple and low risk way of paying for the software” said Plus Technologies SVP Michael Visser. Visser added, that this pricing model eliminates the overhead associated with approving a capital expense and will allow our customers an easy and fast way to acquire the software start gaining the benefits from print assured delivery without the upfront costs.

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