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Plus Technologies Releases Tech Briefing Comparing OM Plus and CUPS

  • Date: Mar 27, 2008

Plus Technologies Releases Tech Briefing Comparing OM Plus and CUPS

DAYTON, OHIO, March 27, 2008 – Plus Technologies, the Enterprise Print Solutions division of Digital Controls Corporation, announced today the release of a technical brief from 2007 comparing OM Plus to CUPS (Common UNIX Print System). The testing was done by Plus Technologies in early 2007 and a thorough analysis of CUPS vs OM Plus was conducted.

“Many organizations have asked for this type of comparison recently so we decided to post this report for others to view”, said Mike Visser, Sr VP and GM of Plus Technologies. Added Visser, “In the end, our solution offers significantly more functionality and flexibility than CUPS. We recognize that CUPS has its place for some customers, however, we wanted a full comparison to be available to anyone considering CUPS vs OM Plus so they could compare the two solutions more easily. Several customers have replaced CUPS with OM Plus as a result of this technical brief”.

CUPS can be initially very attractive as a freeware solution vs solutions like OM Plus, but this report will help organizations compare the complete costs associated with a freeware solution vs a fully supported, commercial software solution like OM Plus. Note: There is some level of commercial support available for CUPS since this Report was originally authored.

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The Company’s software division, Plus Technologies, is a developer and marketer of Advanced Document Delivery and Print Job and Output Management software solutions.The company’s IT Services division, Technology Services Group provides services to IT in the five key areas of Security, Data Storage Management, Networking, Microsoft infrastructure, and Product Sourcing. They deliver these services through consulting, professional services, on-site and remote managed services.

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