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Plus Technologies Software Helps Lexmark Overcome Windows Spooler Limitations

  • Date: Jul 02, 2008

Plus Technologies Software Helps Lexmark Overcome Windows Spooler Limitations

DAYTON, OHIO, July 2, 2008 – Lexmark, a Plus Technologies re-seller since 2002, recently engaged Plus Technologies engineers to help them overcome a limitation in the Windows Server spooling system that was negatively impacting a Lexmark customer implementation of Lexmark Document Solutions Suite (LDSS). Due to the lack of scalability with the Windows Server spooling system, Lexmark ran into issues with the volume of print processes that they could deliver for a major city,s Department of Educations installation of Lexmarks LDSS. Since the Windows spooling system was being used in this configuration to hand off print jobs between LDSS processes, it needed to handle a large volume of print jobs per minute, in fact, it needed to be able to handle 140 print jobs per minute or the solution designed for the customer would not be viable due to a lack of throughput of the print jobs. When the limitations were discovered by Lexmark, they immediately engaged Plus Technologies to engineer a solution to this high volume print spooling challenge. Using their flagship output and print management software solution, OM Plus and their engineers hundreds of man years of experience in developing print and output management software, Plus Technologies delivered a solution for Lexmark and their customer. The OM Plus based solution not only is able to handle the 140 print jobs per minute that is required today, but it was engineered with a large amount of scalability to support upwards of 300 print jobs per minute should the need arise in the future.

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