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SAP Recertifies OM Plus Print Software

  • Date: May 24, 2012

SAP Recertifies OM Plus Print Software

Dayton, Ohio, May 24, 2012 – Plus Technologies announces that SAP has recertified their OM Plus Delivery Manager print software. SAP requires periodic software re-certifications to ensure consistent, seamless integration of third-party applications into its R3 application software suite.

OM Plus Delivery Manager print software achieved SAP certification initially in 2002. Since it has been some time since the initial certification and since Plus Technologies has greatly enhanced the features over the years, it was time to be tested again. As part of this process, Plus Technologies submitted a copy of its OM Plus Delivery Manager software to SAP Labs so they could validate its integration with R3, its functionality, and quality. As it had in the initial certification, OM Plus successfully passed this recertification test and has received SAP approval.

SAP R3 itself has no enhanced print capabilities and relies on the basic spooling capabilities found at the operating system level. These operating system spooling systems are very basic in their function. There is no integration between operating system spoolers and SAP, therefore no print status information can be passed back to the SAP system.

In addition, O/S spooling systems “fire and forget”, meaning that they pass the print data to the printer buffer then immediately delete the print job from their memory. There are no communications between printer and spooling system so there is no printer or print job status available. An SAP user looking at their SAP screen would never know whether printing actually occurred or if there was an error.

Also, O/S spooling systems do not perform advanced print spooling functions that are required by many businesses. As a result, SAP recognizes these short-comings by supporting the use of third-party print software, such as OM Plus Delivery Manager (called OMS tools in SAP terms). However, SAP requires that the third-party tool be tested to be sure the tool can accept print information from SAP R3 and return print status information back.

By achieving recertification, users can rest assured that OM Plus DM has been optimized to work with their SAP system. OM Plus seamlessly receives the print job from SAP on the R3 Application Servers and takes control over the entire print delivery function from that point on. OM Plus also understands the SAP R3 job identification schema required to control the document. OM Plus Delivery Manager delivers the print jobs to the printers and communicates bi-directionally with the printers. Using advanced techniques OM Plus can solicit printer status from printers indicating which pages have printed and are successfully ejected to the printer’s output bin. This status information is then returned to the SAP R3 system via their proprietary interface and displayed to the end user on SAP user screens. From these SAP screens users can see the exact status of very page of every job and manipulate print jobs including re-printing, canceling, and much more.

In addition, SAP users can benefit from advanced functionality of OM Plus DM such as: such as reprinting, error notification, intelligent routing, print statistics, automated print fail-over, load balancing, color controls, encryption, tray management, secure print release, and job bundling.

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Plus Technologies has extensive experience in combining their output management software products with a strong implementation services capability to create ‘solutions’ that are as unique as the customer’s problems. In addition, Plus Technologies solutions are known to be very cost effective as the company provides flexible pricing options including utility billing, subscription, and initial license fee licenses.

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