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Partners of Plus Technologies

Plus Technologies has an extensive partner program that can take several forms.
Branding/Bundling Partners
These are partners that have chosen to distribute Plus Technologies software within their software or solutions as the advanced print module. Many of these partners have branded the Plus Technologies software with their own name and look & feel.
Reseller Partners USA
These are partners that are entitled to resell OM Plus directly to end customers or through their channel partners to end customers in the US and Canada. In most cases there is no integration or renaming involved.
Alliance & Technology Partners
Plus Technologies has relationships with Consultants and Alliance Partners that have expertise in print related areas.  With the partners described in this group we have partnered to provide print or related solutions. In addition, some of these companies have experience with providing technical support for Plus Technologies software but do not resell new licenses. These are companies that do not resell Plus Technologies software but offer print consulting services including ERP implementations, document design, printer asset management, managed services, project management and many more.
Become a Partner
Plus Technologies welcomes potential partners. We have an extensive partner program that can be tailored to suit the partner’s needs.

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