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A Major U.S. City Uses OM Plus to Automate Arraignment System

A Major U.S. City Uses OM Plus to Automate Arraignment System

OMPlus_DMA very large U.S. city in the northeast is using OM Plus Print Software to automate their arraignment document workflow. In the arraignment process multiple documents coming from several different systems are used in the judicial process. Combinations of these documents need to be sorted into unique packets. Then these unique packets are to be delivered to the various participants in the legal process. Each participant receives a unique package based on their needs.

Prior to OM Plus multiple copies of each document were printed, manually sorted, collated, and the physical copies delivered to each of the various parties. This process was time consuming, labor intensive and subject to human error. With OM Plus, this process has been completely automated and streamlined as the OM Plus print software can automatically create the unique packets before printing in electronic form based on user defined criteria. The OM Plus print software can then intelligently route each of the unique packets to the proper destination electronically where they can be viewed and/or printed as needed. With OM Plus this process can be completed in a fraction of the time of the manual process, speeding up the process, improving customer service, reducing missed deadlines, and eliminate human error.

The OM Plus solution is based on the base OM Plus Delivery software which then was customized to meet the customer’s unique needs. Key in the process was Plus Technologies’ ability to listen to the customer and the willingness to make changes to meet the customer’s needs in a short period of time. In addition to developing the document workflow solution the OM Plus print software provided the customer added benefits such as:

  • Being Operating System and printer vendor agnostic
  • Maximizing uptime by being highly available (not down if CPU, server, or event printer hardware/supplies stops/runs out/crashes)
  • Maximizes document delivery fidelity with user notifications and auto re-routing in the event of printer failure
  • Eliminated the need for costly and timely programming changes needed on the end user back-end, application system

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