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Auto Software Provider Increases OM Plus

  • Date: Jul 20, 2016
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Auto Software Provider Increases OM Plus

OM Plus, i-Sat, isat, Plus TechnologiesLeading Software Provider to Auto Industry Increases OM Plus Licensing

The largest provider (in North America) of cloud based auto dealer management software (DMS) systems has significantly increased its licensing of OM Plus print software. In addition, this market leading organization (based in New York) is the fastest growing provider of DMS systems in the market. Moreover, they have embedded Plus Technologies cloud friendly print software called i-sat software into its DMS system. Furthermore, the i-sat cloud printing solution helps dealers ‘print’ mission critical documents without requiring expense VPN connection or local technical expertise.

Plus Technologies’ internet printing solution (i-sat) seamlessly ingests dealer documents from the mainframe, verifies the destination, compresses and encrypts the documents, and then auto routes them to the specific dealer and device needed. Also print confirmation and fail over are also provided. Therefore, no action on part of the dealer is required.

Additionally the integration of the OM Plus print software technology with the DMS system has been a huge success. Finally, this simplifies the dealer experience, increases print fidelity, and reduces the DMS support team level of support.

OM Plus i-Sat

OM Plus i-Sat is Plus Technologies’ internet based cloud printing service.

i-Sat consists of Plus Technologies developed software that enables organizations to use the internet to securely deliver print jobs from one location to another. This cloud printing service is perfect for organizations with distributed locations such as satellite offices, retail outlets, labs, or health care clinics.

  • No persistent connection required (reduces vulnerabilities)
  • Reduce overhead associated with VPN
  • Reduce network bandwidth
  • Print statistics
  • Low Cost
  • Print pulled securely over the internet
  • Reduce cost (VPN + Administrative)
  • Audit logs
  • Easy to install and implement
  • Supported on Windows, UNIX, and Linux
Key Features
  • Appliance or software install
  • i-Sat is pre-configured (plug it in and it is operational)
  • Seamless back-end printing for ERP, EMR, accounting systems
  • No technical expertise needed at remote end
  • Optional local point control software
  • Print resident packages
    • Note – Ask us about our i-Sat demo that allows printing live documents at your place.
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