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Customers with OM Plus 2.4.1 or earlier will need to upgrade

  • Date: May 23, 2014
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Customers with OM Plus 2.4.1 or earlier will need to upgrade

OM Plus Delivery ManagerPlus Technologies has released OM Plus Delivery Manager version 2.6.1. This version of the OM Plus print spooling software is current and many issues from prior versions have been resolved. Plus technologies can support several older versions but will no longer support OM Plus print spooler 2.4.1 or older.

Upgrading to the newest version is always a good thing as this alone can resolve most known technical problems that can arise with earlier versions. Therefore, any version of OMP DM 2.4.1 or earlier will have to be upgraded to the latest version before any tech support will be received. Many small problems can be fixed with something just as easy as running the latest version. Our support staff will be more than happy to assist with any problems for OMP DM within the version ranges of 2.4.2 through 2.6.1

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