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Get to Know Plus Technologies’ Employees

  • Date: Mar 21, 2016
  • Categories: Blog

Get to Know Plus Technologies’ Employees

Plus Technologies' Employees, Plus Technologies, MeetGet to Know Plus Technologies’ Employees

Meet Plus Technologies‘ Employees. This will be a series of blogs (posted approximately once a month) that will focus on a different employee each time.

Karl Gangloff: Karl is a long time employee and one of our National Account Managers. Karl is responsible for customers in multiple industries including manufacturing, finance, transportation and government. He also manages our our European partners. Karl has been with with Plus Technologies for 19 years.

Karl is married with five children and some fun facts are: Karl minored in Swahili (language) at Ohio State (undergrad.), but says since he has not been able to practice it with East Africans yet and has forgotten it along with most of his French and Spanish. Karl says he regularly speaks “Print” instead.

What he likes about working here at Plus Technologies:
“After college, the one thing I “knew” I did not want to do was sales…but sales at Plus Technologies is not at all like what I thought of sales. (not pushy like selling used cars).” “I love hearing and solving people’s problems from all kinds of different industries and applications, systems and printers, from all over the world. It is great to be able to save them time and money.” – Karl

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