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Healthcare Organization Expands OM Plus Licensing

Healthcare Organization Expands OM Plus Licensing

Plus Technologies, OM Plus, TRP, Tamper Resistant Printing, Tamper Resistant Print, Healthcare Organization Expands OM Plus LicensingHealthcare Organization Expands OM Plus Licensing

Recently, a healthcare organization has expanded their OM Plus Tamper Resistant Printing (TRP) licensing for secure prescription printing utilizing plain paper. With over 3,000 employees, along with physicians and volunteers, this organization works together to ensure that the healthcare needs are met.
Specifically, this healthcare organization upgraded their OM Plus Tamper Resistant Print (TRP) licensing. Moreover, this upgrade for Rx has increased by 50%. In this situation, the main use of TRP is for Rx printing. Plus Technologies has partnered with Lexmark to provide this solution to the customer.

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OM Plus Tamper Resistant Printing (TRP)

OM Plus TRP provides an alternative to expensive pre-printed forms by providing tamper resistant printing on plain paper. Furthermore, OM Plus TRP can take data streams directly from ERP/EMR systems, parse the necessary data, merge it with tamper resistant technology, and deliver it to popular laser printers stocked with plain paper.

Plus Technologies TRP utilizes anti-copy void pantograph technologies, micro-print, and other authentication technologies. Moreover, documents created by OM Plus TRP protect our customers from unauthorized photocopying and scanning. Also, simplified calibration through easy to use UI.

Use Case Rx Printing

A popular use of the tamper resistant printing technology is the area of prescription printing. Additionally, with OM Plus TRP health care organizations are able to create fully compliant, tamper resistant prescriptions on plain paper printers without the need or expense of prescription pads, expensive printer trays, or expensive forms.

The Plus Technologies Rx solution can take input from most popular EMR systems, parse the necessary data, create the tamper resistant prescription, and securely deliver it to a laser printer with plain paper. This tamper resistant prescription will include pantographic and micro-print technologies so that any unauthorized copying or scanning is impossible. In addition, this process is approved in most states and can provide significant savings based on elimination of pre-printed forms, lower cost printer hardware, and simplified processes.

Potential Uses for TRP

  • Education: Transcripts, Admission Letters, Report Cards
  • Financial: Certificates, Customer Records
  • Insurance: Proof of Insurance, Claims Forms
  • Government: Permits, Certificates, Documentation
  • Healthcare: Rx, HIPAA Compliance, Patient Records, Lab Reports
  • Entertainment: Event Tickets
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