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i-Sat Improves Security

  • Date: Jan 09, 2015
  • Categories: Blog

i-Sat Improves Security

Some major headlines this past year were based on hacking attacks. Many retail stores, and even Sony were targets of hacking attacks. Security is becoming a serious and very important issue. Improving security is a foremost concern of many organizations. Connecting to ERP, EMR and other core business systems for printing in a distributed environment (branches, labs, stores, and consultants) can be a potential vulnerability. Printing in this environment is a legitimate security concern.

How is a system vulnerable in distributed print environment?

  • Remote sites/users are provided access to back-end systems like ERP and EMR systems
  • Access to non-organic employees like doc offices, labs, contractors, retail employees
  • No control over systems used at remote locations – cannot verify virus and sw
  • Access to back-end systems for print can provide way for hackers and virus in back-end system

The issue is allowing access to core back-end Corp systems from remote locations. Plus Technologies‘ “i-Sat Solutions” address these concerns.

  1. Do not allow access to core systems from non-organic employees or remote locations
  2. Export all print to an independent Print System that is in the ‘glass house’ – under strict controls and safe
  3. Remote users only get access to the IPS not the core back-end systems
  4. Standardize the remote system with a standard safe sw called i-Sat
  5. IPS only takes calls from i-Sat – no one else – no access to the core systems
  6. Secure connection via web services and the internet – no network access
  7. Only ‘push’ from IPS when known i-Sat user is authenticated
  8. Compress and encrypt data Configure the system to be completely

With i-Sat implementations:

  • No access ever to back-end system
  • End users are authenticated
  • Completely enclosed and safe system

Learn more about how to print safely and reduce access to core business systems with i-Sat by contacting Plus Technologies.

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