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Imprivata Certification

  • Date: Jan 08, 2016
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Imprivata Certification

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Plus Technologies has joined the Imprivata Development Partner program and utilized the Imprivata Print Connector API to establish connectivity between Imprivata OneSign® and OM Plus My-Print-Delivery print release software. The combined solution combines the convenience and cost-savings of Plus Technologies’ user-initiated print release (pull-print) solution called My-Print-Delivery (MPD) with the speed and security of Imprivata OneSign authentication. By certifying MPD with OneSign, Plus Technologies’ MPD software can authenticate a user from the Imprivata database. This feature differentiates Plus Technologies’ MPD from all other pull-print solutions in the market.

The need for secure printing is growing, especially in healthcare environments where the confidentiality of patient health information is not only paramount to a provider’s reputation, but also a regulatory requirement of HIPAA. The combination of the Plus Technologies and Imprivata solutions enables organizations to provide better security, confidentiality, and compliance, by reducing the risk of printed documents being left unattended at the printer. It also provides operational efficiencies by maintaining centralized control of user authentication.

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