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Large Rail Transportation Supplier using OM Plus

  • Date: Aug 18, 2014
  • Categories: Blog

Large Rail Transportation Supplier using OM Plus

OM-PlusLogoA large Rail Transportation Supplier is using OM Plus to create “paperwork” required for all their trains at all 700+ locations. This Rail Transportation Supplier has a revenue of $9.6B with 36,000 employees, and 700+ locations.

Issues with “Work-Order” printing at train stations causing delays and missed deadlines. Limited print software capabilities created operational inefficiencies, worker frustration, as well as wasted toner and paper.

OM Plus creates “Work-Order” bundles by combining multiple documents into a single Work-Order bundle for conductors and engineers. Bundles are conditioned in real time to meet customer process requirements and held in OM Plus. Conductors and Engineers ‘release’ bundles via embedded My-Print-Delivery as needed at the right printer to ensure complete and up to date paper-work is carried on the trains.

The outcomes using OM Plus are increased productivity, fewer errors, faster processes, fewer delays, and reduce waste.

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