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Looking for Customer Feedback on HP Dazel

  • Date: Jul 17, 2013
  • Categories: Blog

Looking for Customer Feedback on HP Dazel

Plus Technologies has been receiving calls from customers who state that HP is discontinuing support of their Dazel Output Management software. In order to continue technical support with HP, they are told to migrate to the HP Output Server software. This requires a completely new platform, implementation, different operation, and new user interface. We have been unable to confirm these rumors from published HP sources. Perhaps HP is not ready to make an announcement at this time.

If indeed these rumors are true, we would ask HP Dazel customer to consider trading up to OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) instead.OM Plus (DM) provides similar functions found in Dazel including simple installation, a user friendly interface and world class technical support. More importantly, Plus Technologies is offering a special Dazel trade out price discount to ensure Dazel customers can save money by choosing to switch.

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