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Medical Transcription Service Orders OM Plus

Medical Transcription Service Orders OM Plus

Medical Transcription Service Orders OM Plus

Medical Transcription Service Orders OM Plus, Plus Technologies, Output ManagementPlus Technologies has received an order for OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) (print spooler) from a large medical transcription service organization. This customer is a development organization and is writing a custom cloud based (SaaS) application for one of their customers. The host based cloud application uses the Windows spooler to deliver print output to printers however, there are some limitations in Windows that this customer would like to overcome. However, the Windows spooling system does not scale well and system failures can occur. In addition, when print jobs are lost by Windows they do not have visibility onto the cause of the problem. In Windows there is no tracking capability, a lack of user interface to manage jobs for administrators, and there is no print confirmation to the printer tray or auto failover and notification.

OM Plus API will be used as the primary interface between the products and the OM Plus solution will also transform documents to printer ready PostScript format. OM Plus will manage the routing of the jobs to over 200 printers and verify print occurred successfully and put into the output tray. If print is not successful, OM Plus provides the ability to check on printer for errors. All of this can be reported back to the user via the custom build application.

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies.

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Plus Technologies located in Ohio has been developing enterprise level document and output management software since 1994. Plus Technologies’ focus is on improving business processes affected by documents. We have thousands of customers, tens of thousands of server software installations, and millions of printers under management in 30 countries.
Plus Technologies serves customers of all sizes as our products, licensing, and pricing is scalable upwards and downwards. We have departmental as well as enterprise wide output management software implementations. We have successfully sold into many Fortune 500 organizations.
One reason for our success is our willingness to respond quickly to our customer’s unique requirements. First, we listen to the customer to understand their environment and their needs. Second, we work the customer to determine the optimal solution. In addition, we are able to quickly make enhancements to our products to meet specific needs. Third, we offer pricing and licensing flexibility to suit our customer’s budget. Lastly, we provide world class support. This recipe has served us well over the years and as a result, we have an extremely loyal customer base.

Please contact us to learn more about our company and products. Moreover, you can count on Plus Technologies to do our best to help you solve your document and output management issues.Plus Technologies, Enterprise Software, OM Plus, Output Management

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