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Meet Plus Technologies’ Team

  • Date: May 03, 2016
  • Categories: Blog

Meet Plus Technologies’ Team

Meet Plus Technologies’ Team

This will be a series of blogs (posted approximately once a month) that will focus on a different employee each time.

Meet Plus Technologies' Team, Plus Technologies, employeeRich Gray: Rich is a senior software engineer who started working with Digital Controls Corporation (DCC), our predecessor company, in 1983 as an embedded software programmer. He worked on products supporting NCR communication protocols in banking and government settings. At the time, he was using FORTH, a small programming environment originally developed for control of telescopes. One of the products, a front end communication processor interface for NCR’s VRX financial systems was driving roughly a quarter of the ATMs and teller terminals in the MIami, FL area through code Rich wrote. When Ivan Software (originators of LP Plus – OM Plus’s predecessor), became part of DCC, Rich began doing development on both ends of the communications interfaces between Ivan’s software and DCC’s hardware. Over time, he became increasingly involved in LP Plus development, eventually becoming a full time member of the team which was to become Plus Technologies. His current responsibilities include work on OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM), particularly its printer communication protocols, as well as key projects including SAP BC-XOM solutions and data collecting for Fleet Manager (FM) and Stats Manager (SM).

Rich is married and has two children. He enjoys science fiction and has a longtime interest in electronics and computers, having built a digital clock in 1973 (well before digital clock chips were available.) His first computer had 1K of RAM, 2K of ROM and used audio cassette for program storage. (He expanded it, of course.)

What he likes about working here at Plus Technologies: “When I hear of people who hate their jobs and have horrible bosses, I feel privileged to have worked for so long with fantastic co-workers and management in a field that I enjoy.”

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